SelectaDNA Use In Denmark Spreads

12 Aug 2016

More than 1 in 5 districts in Denmark are now using SelectaDNA including the municipality of Slagelse, which is using it to protect school equipment, public buildings and libraries.

PSNI Anti-Burglary Scheme Launches in 9 Neighbourhood Watch Areas

11 Aug 2016

Officers from the Police Service of Northern Ireland recently attended the launch of a new anti-burglary campaign using SelectaDNA forensic marking kits.

Livestock Recovered Thanks To DNA Marking

5 Aug 2016

Three calves that were stolen from a farm in Barbados have been recovered by police due to the fact that they were marked with SelectaDNA.

Danish Police: DNA Spray ‘Effective At Preventing Robbery’

3 Aug 2016

According to a report released by Danish national police force Rigspolitiet, SelectaDNA Spray, used as an anti-theft measure by banks, supermarkets and other companies, is proving effective at deterring potential robbers from carrying out crimes.

Tackling Rural Crime With DNA This Summer

1 Aug 2016

As part of an initiative to tackle rural crime, Thames Valley Police are offering SelectaDNA security marking for up to five large pieces of equipment such as ride-on mowers, tractors, trailers and large garden petrol-powered equipment over the summer.

Police Driving Simulator Marked With DNA Vehicle Kit

28 Jul 2016

A driving simulator belonging to West Midlands Police has been marked with the SelectaDNA Vehicle Marking Kit to deter theft and protect its contents from being stolen.

Police Scotland Unveil Latest DNA Crime Prevention Campaign

27 Jul 2016

Police Scotland has unveiled SelectaDNA as their latest tool in the fight against housebreaking and property theft.

Safe As Houses In France

25 Jul 2016

Estate agency Immobiliere 3F is the latest French company to use SelectaDNA Spray to deter robbery from its shops.

Danish Churches Protected From Metal Theft

21 Jul 2016

Around 20 churches in Denmark that have already been targeted for metal theft are now using SelectaDNA to protect valuables such as copper piping, iron lamps and ornate metal chairs.

Police Use DNA Spray In Scrambler Bike Crackdown

11 Jul 2016

Merseyside Police is using SelectaDNA Spray to track down offenders involved in the illegal and nuisance use of off-road bikes as part of Operation Brookdale.

Merseyside Day of Action Tackles Burglary & Anti-Social Behaviour

1 Jun 2016

Police targeted acquisitive crime including burglaries and anti-social behaviour during a multi-agency day of action in Liscard, an area of Wallasey in Merseyside.

Burglars Risk Getting ‘Shopped’ In New Retail Scheme

31 May 2016

Independent retailers in Nelson, Lancashire, are to benefit from a new crime reduction initiative being launched by Pendle Community Safety Partnership and using forensic property marking kits to protect local businesses against burglary.

WW2 Veteran Welcomes New DNA Burglary Deterrent

18 May 2016

A World War Two veteran from Widnes, Cheshire, welcomed police when they visited his home on a DNA marking crime prevention campaign.

Welcome To London! 2016 SelectaDNA International Distributor Conference

10 May 2016

The sun shone brightly as we welcomed distributors from over 30 countries to London for the 2016 SelectaDNA International Distributor Conference.

Operation Shield Continues Roll-Out Across Cheshire

9 May 2016

Operation Shield using SelectaDNA has been rolled out in the village of Lymm after its successful launch earlier this year in the districts of Hatton, Stretton and Walton.

Netto Sweden Deploys DNA Spray After Danish Success

27 Apr 2016

Discount supermarket group Netto is using the SelectaDNA Spray system to deter robbery from several stores in Sweden.

Tracing Cable Thieves In Germany

20 Apr 2016

German electricity operator 50Hertz is using SelectaDNA forensic marking across all its substations to deter cable and metal thieves.

Marine Crime Prevention Initiative In Sweden

14 Apr 2016

A marine crime prevention project involving the Nasby Bay Boat Society in Taby, Sweden, has been underway since April 2015 and will be evaluated shortly.

SelectaDNA Helps Achieve Biggest Burglary Drop In England & Wales

8 Apr 2016

A highly successful crime campaign using SelectaDNA forensic marking to deter theft has helped Cheshire Police record the biggest drop in burglaries in England and Wales - according to the most recent figures from the Office for National Statistics.

Secure Partnership With Volvo In France

4 Apr 2016

Volvo has entered into a partnership with SelectaDNA France to install spray systems on its new fleet of electric buses.

Marine Theft Initiative Launches At Salcombe

30 Mar 2016

A new marine theft initiative is launching today at Salcombe Harbour, south Devon, to raise general awareness of marine crime and encourage as many boat owners as possible to get their equipment marked.

Safer Neighbourhoods In Amsterdam

23 Mar 2016

A new burglary reduction initiative has launched in the south-east district of Amsterdam. This new project aims to not only provide SelectaDNA Home Kits to prevent burglaries but to increase community awareness on crime prevention.

Top Marks for School Security

22 Mar 2016

An Academy school in Warrington, Cheshire, is using SelectaDNA forensic marking together with deterrent warning stickers and SelectaLabel barcoded asset tags to protect and track valuable ICT equipment.

NZ Homes with Security Extras

15 Mar 2016

New homes in North Auckland will be sold with ‘security extras’ under a new construction company agreement aimed at combating building site burglars in New Zealand.

First Spray Installs In Switzerland

8 Mar 2016

A petrol station shop is the first business in Switzerland to use the SelectaDNA Spray system after it was previously targeted by robbers.

Policing and Community Safety Partnership Ploughs Into Rural Crime

1 Mar 2016

A new rural crime tool is being launched in the Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon area to tackle the problem of theft of agricultural items such as mowers, sprayers and trailers.

Danish TV Films Arrest Of Cable Thieves

28 Feb 2016

TWO metal thieves have been arrested in Copenhagen as they tried to sell on DNA-marked copper cable to a scrapyard. The resulting action has been caught on camera by a Danish TV news crew.

McColl's Protect Premises From Robbery With DNA Spray

23 Feb 2016

Convenience store and newsagent operator McColl's is one of the latest retailers to make use of SelectaDNA Spray protection to deter robbery.

A Safer Shopping Experience

18 Feb 2016

SelectaDNA Defence Sprays are to be carried by Mitie security guards at the new Westfield Bradford shopping centre to mark would be criminals and offenders and reduce the risk of personal attack.

Product Innovation Winner At The UK Rail Industry Awards

12 Feb 2016

We are delighted to have won the prestigious Product Innovation award at last night’s UK Rail Industry Awards 2016, which celebrated excellence and innovation in the rail industry.

SelectaDNA Helps Cable Theft Drop By 93% In Five Years

9 Feb 2016

FORENSIC marking product SelectaDNA is one of several effective deterrents used to reduce cable theft on Network Rail by 93% over the last five years.

Rural Crime Scheme Targets 200 Farms In Northern Ireland

4 Feb 2016

A rural theft scheme is launching in County Armagh, Northern Ireland, to tackle the problem of cross-border theft of agricultural items such as mowers, sprayers and trailers.

Operation Shield Rolled Out To Castle District

3 Feb 2016

CHESHIRE Police’s Operation Shield campaign to ward off burglars and make sure victims are reunited with their stolen property has been a great success and is now being rolled out across the district of Castle.

Curbing Motorbike Theft

2 Feb 2016

West Midlands Police are revving up their motorcycle marking campaign by offering SelectaDNA Motorbike kits to dealerships across the county.

Netto Supermarkets Deploy DNA Spray To Deter Robberies

19 Jan 2016

DISCOUNT supermarket group Netto is now using the SelectaDNA Spray system to deter robbery from several stores in Sweden.

Housing Association In Joint Police Initiative Against Burglary

18 Jan 2016

HOUSING association Coast & Country has teamed up with Cleveland Police to provide its residents with the latest in anti-theft technology as part of the Force’s SelectaDNA initiative.

Slough Police Recommend SelectaDNA To Beat Tool Thieves

15 Jan 2016

POLICE in Slough are urging tradespeople to mark their tools with SelectaDNA following a number of thefts from unattended vans.

Northumbria Police Take Pride In Successful Crime Crackdown

13 Jan 2016

FORENSIC marking kits have been handed out by Northumbria police as part of a highly successful anti-crime campaign in Northumberland.

Rural Watch Gets Underway In Cheshire

6 Jan 2016

POLICE in Neston, Cheshire West, have held their first Rural Watch meeting to introduce local farmers to anti-theft devices including SelectaDNA forensic marking.

Merseyside Police Deliver 'Stay Safe At Christmas' Message

11 Dec 2015

MERSEYSIDE Police have been on the streets of Wirral to urge people to keep their homes safe in the run up to Christmas by using SelectaDNA forensic marking kits.

Operation Shield Extended After 83% Drop In Burglary In Cheshire West

8 Dec 2015

CHESHIRE Police’s anti-burglary initiative using SelectaDNA forensic marking has been extended to the market town of Frodsham after success in other areas of the county which has seen burglary drop by up to 83%.

Electricity Operator Protects 70 Substations From Cable Theft

2 Dec 2015

GERMAN electricity operator 50Hertz is using DNA forensic marking across all its substations to deter cable and metal thieves.

Don't Let Thieves Spoil Your Christmas

24 Nov 2015

AS THE number of burglaries and thefts traditionally rise over the festive season, it’s important that you don’t get complacent or lax with your home security.

Marine Theft Initiative Launches On The Broads

16 Nov 2015

A BOATSHIELD scheme has been launched to cut marine theft on the Norfolk Broads. Norfolk Constabulary is promoting the use of SelectaDNA Marine Kits to boatyards, chandlers, clubs and groups in the area as part of its new initiative.

New Marine Partnership Keeps European Boats Safer

13 Nov 2015

IN AN initiative to promote the safer keeping of boats, regulatory compliance specialist CEproof Group has partnered with security company Selectamark to offer boat owners DNA protection against marine theft.

Finalists In Three Categories At The UK Rail Industry Awards

12 Nov 2015

WE are delighted to be named as finalists in three categories at the UK Rail Industry Awards 2016. The awards take place in February next year and celebrate excellence and innovation in the rail industry.

Chester’s Void Properties Protected from Metal Theft

11 Nov 2015

THE largest social housing provider in Chester is teaming up with Cheshire Police to protect its empty housing stock with DNA forensic marking.

Shield Update: More Than 6,900 Suspects Scanned For SelectaDNA

5 Nov 2015

MORE than 6,900 suspects have been screened in custody for traces of SelectaDNA forensic marking as part of Cheshire Police’s Operation Shield campaign.

DNA Protection From Operation Shield Spreads To More Areas

2 Nov 2015

POLICE are helping to tackle burglaries in Hoole and Newton in Chester by offering SelectaDNA marking kits to householders in target areas.

Merseyside Police Protect Shops On Run Up To Christmas

26 Oct 2015

SHOPKEEPERS are deploying a hi-tech forensic intruder spray as part of a police operation being launched in Liverpool to cut crime in the run-up to Christmas.