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Police Using DNA ‘Tagging’ Spray To Support Prosecutions

Police Using DNA ‘Tagging’ Spray To Support Prosecutions

Three scrambler bike offenders, who were riding dangerously in Hodge Hill, Birmingham, had a damp end to 2017 as they attempted to evade West Midlands Police (WMP) officers, but instead ended up careering into a river.

The men aged 19, 20 and 24 were arrested at the scene on suspicion of causing a public nuisance and their bikes were recovered from the river and seized. The men will be called back in for questioning at a later date.

WMP has a dedicated operation – codenamed Operation Wraithbane – to tackle such anti-social off-road biking. It’s already seen 18 men and a teenager charged with causing public nuisance and awaiting trial, while many more remain on police bail and also face being taken to court. 

WMP is using SelectaDNA spray when attempting to catch anti-social bikers, as the spray can be aimed effectively at offenders from a distance. They are also using the spray to support prosecutions and officers have been equipped with it to ‘tag’ offenders and their bikes. 

The DNA liquid is invisible but illuminates under UV light and allows officers to identify offenders and seize their bikes. Each canister has a unique ‘barcode’ which means police can trace suspects to a particular crime or incident of anti-social behaviour.

West Midlands Police Chief Superintendent Dave Sturman who leads Operation Wraithbane said: “Communities across the West Midlands are telling us they are sick and tired of this kind of behaviour − that’s why we have a dedicated police operation to tackle the problem, we’re catching and prosecuting offenders, seizing and destroying bikes, and using innovative tactics to identify offenders such as DNA spray.

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