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The Concept

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SelectaDNA is a patented, unique forensic marking solution that harnesses the encoding power of DNA, enabling users to mark and identify items of property and criminals.

DNA is the original data storage device. It has been encoding information since the first organisms appeared on the planet and these sequences are still being found and read today. Complete sequences of whole genomes (2.7 billion letters long) have been sequenced from fossils 700,000 years old!

SelectaDNA is identical in composition to the natural DNA found in every living organism on the planet, meaning SelectaDNA is completely safe.

SelectaDNA codes are completely unique. They are checked against all known biological genomes to ensure that each SelectaDNA code does not occur anywhere else in nature. This provides the security of knowing that every SelectaDNA code only exists on the items it has been used to mark.

The design of SelectaDNA is such that the codes can be of any length which means SelectaDNA has a limitless number of unique codes available. 

SelectaDNA codes are designed to be very short, meaning they are even more robust than your own DNA. In fact, SelectaDNA has been awarded the maximum Grade A standard according to BSI PAS 820:2012, the only accredited standard for forensic marking. Having Grade A standard means that SelectaDNA is certified as lasting at least 5 years outdoors.

SelectaDNA is analysed by the same methods as all other types forensic DNA testing. This means that every laboratory, police service and court of law in the world will be familiar with and trust SelectaDNA technology.

The details of SelectaDNA codes are recorded on the SelectaDNA Police and Insurance approved database so that a code found on an item of property or criminal can be identified back to a specific owner or location.