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SelectaDNA Search Dogs

SelectaDNA Search Dogs

SelectaDNA provide search dogs to detect forensic markers on items of property. In partnership with Search Dogs UK, SelectaDNA search dogs are the first in the world to be trained to sniff out SelectaDNA markings and is assisting UK police forces in their fight against crime.

Instead of locating drugs or human remains, the search dogs have been trained to locate all types of SelectaDNA forensic markers on a range of objects such as metals, electronic equipment and even criminals themselves.

Complementing existing police search procedures, the SelectaDNA search dogs are able to sniff for stolen metal in places like scrap yards, and stolen property during search warrants, where forensic markings are not immediately visible to the human eye, even with a UV light.

As humans, we can only search in 2D e.g. in the line of sight, but dogs can search in 3D by using their nose. They can be incredibly accurate, and can pinpoint their target to within a couple of centimetres, at which stage Police can use traditional search techniques, i.e. UV lights, to then take samples or identify the unique SelectaDNA code.

The SelectaDNA search dogs have already assisted many UK police forces including the Metropolitan Police Service, Lancashire Constabulary and Merseyside Police in their fight against metal theft, burglaries and robberies.

The SelectaDNA search dogs are also broadening their horizons and working overseas. One SelectaDNA search dog has also appeared at a UKTI Asia Pacific Trade workshop where she was well-received and displayed her skills to representatives from countries such as Thailand, Taiwan, India, Japan and Malaysia.

The SelectaDNA search dogs were deployed during the Metropolitan Police's week-long Operation Ferrous campaign, which resulted in more than 10 arrests, a scrap yard closure, and the recovery of £4,600 of Thames Water cable and 50kg of BT cable.

If you are a Police Force, Local Authority or other Government body, and you wish to find out more about how this can help you, please contact Nick Roach on 01689 860757.