Working from Home: Top Tips to Keep Your Home Office Safe

7 Jan 2021

According to the Office for National Statistics, since April 2020 more than 46.6% of people in employment in the UK are working from home as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. These are our 5 Top Tips to help keep you safe and productive at home.

How Museums & Heritage Sites Are Protecting Their Assets

3 Dec 2020

As museums across the world prepare to welcome visitors back after closures caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, it certainly won’t be business as usual. 

SelectaDNA is G-Cloud 12 Approved

28 Oct 2020

Secure Asset Register, powered by SelectaDNA, has been approved for the G-Cloud 12 Digital Marketplace, a government framework,

Scunthorpe Shoplifters Warned To Think Again

25 Sep 2020

Police in Scunthorpe town centre are getting tough on shoplifters by introducing a DNA marking system that can track stolen items.

Selectamark MD Named as Global Influencer In Commercial Security

21 Sep 2020

We are delighted to announce that James Brown, MD of Selectamark Security Systems plc, has been revealed as a Global Influencer in Commercial Security.

Don’t Overlook Security As We Return To Work

19 Aug 2020

Don't overlook security as more people return to work, says James Brown, MD of Selectamark Security Systems, a Secured by Design member company.

Rural Crime Has Been a Focus in Lockdown for Sussex Police

17 Jun 2020

Sussex Police has introduced a dedicated team of rural crime Police and Community Support Officers to help farmers mark their equipment, machinery and tools with SelectaDNA.

Scrap Dealers Targeted in Day of Action

2 Jun 2020

Scrap yards in Greater Manchester were visited by Network Rail, the British Transport Police and a four-legged ‘detective’ to ensure dealers are not trading stolen metal.

New Portable Spray Secures Containers

18 May 2020

Openreach, which runs the UK's digital network, adds SelectaDNA Sprays to it's multi-layered theft prevention solution.

Operation Kapel Results in 100% Reduction in Housebreakings

6 May 2020

Police Scotland recently launched a hugely successful operation to crack down on crime in an area of Govanhill in Glasgow.

Heart of the Community

26 Apr 2020

A disused telephone box in Buckfast, Devon has been refurbished and put to good use with the installation of a new defibrillator which has been forensically marked.

Asset Protection for New Nuclear Power Station

24 Apr 2020

SelectaDNA have supplied Hinkley Point C, a nuclear power station, with SelectaDNA and Secure TESA Security Labels to mark and protect assets including tools, IT equipment and electronic devices.

Preferred By Leading Insurance Companies

22 Apr 2020

SelectaDNA is listed in Chubb’s ‘Little Black Book’ which contains the names and numbers of a select group of companies that can help prevent and protect the possessions and homes of their clients from burglary and theft.

New SelectaDNA Forensic Lab Launches In London

31 Mar 2020

SelectaDNA are pleased to announce completion of their new forensic science laboratory in London.

Register Your Property For FREE!

10 Mar 2020

Secure Asset Register (SAR) is now the only Secured by Design approved property register that is free for both the public and the police to use.

Op Meteor Makes Stolen Goods Too Hot To Handle

3 Mar 2020

A crackdown to prevent burglaries and encourage people to protect their homes has been relaunched by Essex Police after a successful first run.

Technology Partnership With Milestone

27 Feb 2020

SelectaDNA’s distributor in the United States is proud to become an approved Milestone Systems’ Technology Partner.

Successful Residential DNA Scheme Expanding

20 Feb 2020

After rolling out more than 30,000 home property marking kits as part of Operation Spearhead in 2018/19, Surrey Police continue to make residential burglary a priority.

Keeping Track Of Quad Bike Theft

19 Feb 2020

Cumbria Police have been offering a series of quad bike security marking events using SelectaDNA.

DNA Sprays Hits New York City

12 Feb 2020

New York State Sheriff's Association have introduced SelectaDNA Intruder Spray to help deter theft and identify criminals.

500th Church Takes Up Insurance Offer

5 Feb 2020

Five hundred churches have now taken up a special deal to purchase a SelectaDNA Church kit offered by Trinitas Church Insurance Services.

Cheshire Tackle Tack & Heritage Crime

29 Jan 2020

In Cheshire, PCSOs have been marking tack with SelectaDNA at various equine premises.

Convicted: Burglar Jailed For 8 Years

24 Jan 2020

A prolific burglar has been jailed for eight years after being linked to some of his crimes by the SelectaDNA Secure Asset Register.

Finalists At The OSPAs

16 Jan 2020

We are delighted to have been named as a finalist in the Outstanding Security Product category at the 2020 OSPAs.

Drive On Part In BBC Consumer Show

6 Jan 2020

The SelectaDNA Vehicle kit was recently featured on BBC1’s Rip Off Britain as part of a news item on the latest wave of ‘ car cannibalism’.

DNA Surge Helps Secure 45 Years For ATM Gas Attack Gang

3 Dec 2019

Five men have been jailed for over 45 years after a series of cash machine explosion burglaries.

Kelly Fleet Services Use DNA To Protect Vans

7 Nov 2019

The Kelly Group, a leading telecommunications and utilities service provider, have adopted the use of SelectaDNA to mark and protect hundreds of its fleet of commercial vehicles from theft and damage.

Hi-Tech Weapon Against Rioters

15 Oct 2019

French political magazine L’Express ran a story about SelectaDNA Tagging Spray being used to supplement the tear gas and water cannons deployed by French police when the recent ‘Yellow Vest’ protests in Paris took a violent turn.

Reducing Crime On The London North Western Route

14 Oct 2019

The UK’s rail network is designed to fail safe, which means that when a cable is cut trains are brought to a standstill. This protects passengers but can lead to lengthy, frustrating delays while the problem is found and fixed safely.

From the Catwalk...

10 Oct 2019

One of the world’s top fashion houses and luxury retailer Chanel has had SelectaDNA Intruder Spray fitted at two London stores following an attempted smash & grab and a ram raid at the newly-restored Walton Street boutique.

...To The High Street

7 Oct 2019

22 Boots stores across the West Midlands, Yorkshire, Southampton and Bristol have had SelectaDNA Intruder Spray installed so that they are now fully protected across shopfront windows and all access points.

Queen's Award

19 Sep 2019

A Neighbourhood Watch group that has been using SelectaDNA to deter burglaries in the Wycombe District of Buckinghamshire since 2012, has been honoured for its services to the community.

DNA Surge Helps Identify ATM Gas Attack Gang

11 Sep 2019

A Manchester gang that netted more than £400k via a series of ATM gas attacks, has been arrested as they prepared to attack a Post Office in Oldham.

Approved As Motor Members

10 Sep 2019

Following close links with the motor trade over many years, we were recently approved as members of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), one of the largest and most influential trade associations in the UK.  

53% Reduction In Moped-Enabled Crime In London

9 Sep 2019

New tactics from the Metropolitan Police Service to tag offenders committing moped-enabled crime in London have played a major role in its significant reduction. 

Honoured To Become Crown Commercial Service Supplier

5 Sep 2019

Selectamark Security Systems plc is now a Crown Commercial Service Supplier (CCS).

Stolen Garden Tools Recovered

26 Aug 2019

Garden machinery and tools stolen from a private school in Surrey have been recovered due to the fact that they were securely labelled and registered on our Secure Asset Register (SAR).

Thousands Of Mobikes Marked To Deter Theft

23 Aug 2019

Around 4,000 Mobikes in London are being marked with SelectaDNA in order to keep a handle on bike theft by acting as a deterrent to thieves.

Defence Spray Shortlisted For Risk Management Award

21 Aug 2019

We are delighted to be shortlisted for CIR Magazine's Risk Management Awards. We have been nominated for the Public Safety Award for our work with UK Police and private security staff .

Success At The British Security Awards

12 Jul 2019

We were proud to scoop a prestigious award at the 2019 BSIA British Security Awards held in London this week.

City of London Police Mark & Register Commuter’s Motorbikes

27 Jun 2019

SelectaDNA recently teamed up with The City of London Police, City of London Corporation, London Fire Brigade and the Motorcycle Industry Association for #SafeCityBiker events in London.

SelectaDNA Shortlisted For BSIA Award

7 Jun 2019

We’re delighted to be a finalist at this year’s British Security Awards. SelectaDNA has been shortlisted in the Innovative Security Project category.

New Asset Protection For The UK’s Digital Network

24 May 2019

Openreach, which runs the UK’s digital network, has chosen a new way to protect tens of thousands of assets being used by its field engineers.

Added Confidence For Commercial Guards

8 May 2019

Security contractor Venture Security Management is using SelectaDNA Defence Spray to deter and prevent personal attacks on staff and criminal behaviour towards them.

Halting The Movement Of Illegal Waste

22 Apr 2019

The Environment Agency has visited waste sites in Scunthorpe and Essex to mark baled waste with SelectaDNA Trace to prevent it being moved on illegally to somewhere it shouldn’t go.

Partnership Team Are Stamping Out Crime

16 Apr 2019

Strange markings have been appearing on pavements around Sutton Coldfield as police attempt to counter a rise in burglaries in the town.

Top Security For Secret Nuclear Bunker

10 Apr 2019

Equipment and instrumentation from a Cold War nuclear bunker which aimed to detect a deadly attack and warn the public has been security marked with SelectaDNA to protect it for posterity.

Easter Warning For Nuisance Bikers From Durham Police

9 Apr 2019

Nuisance bikers can expect a personalised card from Durham Police this Easter, warning repeat offenders they risk serious consequences should they illegally ride again.

Essex Police Catch Moped Offender Who Wouldn’t Stop

2 Apr 2019

Essex Police have been using SelectaDNA tagging spray as part of their highly successful operation against dangerous moped and motorbike riders.

How SelectaDNA Is Helping Police To Catch Criminals By Tagging Offenders With DNA Spray

22 Mar 2019

SelectaDNA has become one of the main weapons for police officers in the fight against thieves, burglars and moped gangs. MD James Brown talks to Dan Robinson of Compelo about how DNA spray is a “criminal’s worst nightmare.”