How the Met Solved Moped Crime

15 Dec 2022

In their recent ‘How We Solved It’ video series, the Met chose to feature Op Venice and the way SelectaDNA Tagging Sprays have been deployed to combat moped crime.

Tool Marking Leads to Recovery

3 Nov 2022

Wolverhampton Police is recommending the use of SelectaDNA to mark tools, especially those left in vans by tradespeople.

Wiltshire Police Lay Siege to Burglary

25 Oct 2022

Operation Siege is a new crime prevention initiative to help prevent burglary and deter opportunistic thieves operating in Wiltshire and Swindon.

Partners Against Crime

12 Oct 2022

Orbis Protect, the UK leaders in vacant property, site security and people protection services, has partnered with Selectamark to enhance their security portfolio and provide a targeted range of solutions to their customers that focus on deterring crime

Selectamark Renews SBD Membership for the 15th Year

19 Sep 2022

After 15 years of membership, Selectamark have once again renewed their membership with the official police security initiative, Secured by Design (SBD).

Keep Safe: New SelectaDNA Personal Defence Sprays

8 Aug 2022

The new SelectaDNA Personal Defence Hand-Held Spray complements our Defence and Tagging Spray portfolio.

Cumbria Initiative To Prevent Farm & Rural Crime

29 Jun 2022

Young farmers in Cumbria are to be offered the opportunity to play a key role in helping to keep farming and rural communities safe.

Celebrating Our 25-Year Membership Of BSIA

1 Jun 2022

Selectamark has been presented with a commemorative award to celebrate 25 years of membership of the BSIA, the trade association for the professional security industry in the UK.

Tool Theft Partnership

24 May 2022

Danish tool supplier Carl Ras has teamed up with Unisecure, SelectaDNA’s distributor in Denmark, to help prevent burglary and theft of tools in the construction industry.

Crackdown On Cat Theft In Dundee

13 May 2022

A Honda dealership in Dundee has teamed up with police to crack down on catalytic converter thefts.

What’s Next For Jewellers?

11 May 2022

High street jewellers and luxury brands are fighting back against rising crime by installing a hi-tech security system that douses fleeing robbers with an invisible, synthetic DNA solution. 

National Finalist in British Security Awards

6 May 2022

The partnership between Openreach and Selectamark has been so successful that it has been selected as a finalist in the National Partnership category at this year’s prestigious British Security Awards.

Toyota Installs Anti-Theft Package In New Cars

2 May 2022

Toyota cars are the most frequently chosen brand by customers in Poland with every fifth car registered in Poland in January 2022 being a Toyota. 

DNA Spray Tackles Dangerous Off-Road Bikers

25 Apr 2022

SelectaDNA spray was deployed on a bike in Birmingham city centre recently as traffic officers were sent out to deal with off-road bikes in Birmingham who were causing a nuisance and threatening to disrupt an organised charity bike ride in the city. 

Women's Safety Kits To Tackle Violence Against Women & Girls

14 Apr 2022

A total of £45,000 of additional funding has been secured to increase safety of women and girls at busy night-time economy hotspots in particular.

Working Closely With The Farming Community

7 Apr 2022

Dyfed Powys Police Rural Crime Team (RCT) have been busy supporting the local farming community by carrying out forensic marking on farm equipment including quads, bikes and power tools.

Making Hailsham A Safer Place To Live, Work & Visit

4 Apr 2022

Initial results from a government-funded scheme to reduce crime in Hailsham, Sussex, are ‘encouraging’, says a Conservative councillor who represents the town. 

PCC For Cheshire Commends Operation Shield

16 Mar 2022

A reduction in neighbourhood crime and proactive work undertaken by Cheshire Constabulary to help make residents and visitors to the county feel safe has been commended by Police and Crime Commissioner for Cheshire, John Dwyer (pictured) during a Public S

Men’s Charity Marks Its Tools

8 Mar 2022

A community group in North Lanarkshire has undertaken a new crime prevention project that involves property marking their tools and equipment with SelectaDNA. 

Taking Action On Catalytic Converter Thefts

1 Mar 2022

Dorset Police recently took part in a national week of action against catalytic converter theft by taking steps to raise awareness of the crime, encouraging the use of SelectaDNA forensic marking to identify Cats, and cracking down on offenders. 

PSNI Launches ‘Burglar? Don’t Bother’ Campaign

28 Feb 2022

Neighbourhood Police in South Belfast have launched a new anti-burglary initiative to help residents make their homes more secure and protect their property.

Sniffer Dogs Join Fight Against Railway Metal Thieves

22 Feb 2022

Specially trained sniffer dogs are now being used to track down metal thieves who cause major delays to passengers and freight on Network Rail routes.

NFU Mutual Funds DNA Kits For Farmers

20 Jan 2022

Insurance company National Farmers Union (NFU) Mutual and Lanarkshire Police have joined forces to help landowners protect their property.