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Moped Crime: GMP Latest Force To Deploy New DNA ‘Tagging’ Spray

16 Feb 2018

A unique DNA spray is being trialled by Greater Manchester Police (GMP) to ‘tag’ criminals who officers can’t immediately catch.

Spearheading Huge Campaign Against Burglary

12 Feb 2018

A massive forensic marking operation to protect 30,000 homes  from burglary is being launched by Surrey Police and will be rolled out over the next 12 months.

Guarding Manchester’s Retail Sites

17 Jan 2018

SelectaDNA Intruder Spray is being rolled out across parts of Greater Manchester as part of an operation to protect local businesses.

Police Using DNA ‘Tagging’ Spray To Support Prosecutions

10 Jan 2018

West Midlands Police is using SelectaDNA 'tagging' spray when attempting to catch anti-social bikers, as the spray can be aimed effectively at offenders from a distance. They are also using the spray to support prosecutions.