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DNA Spray To Go 24/7 To Catch Rogue Riders In West Yorks

DNA Spray To Go 24/7 To Catch Rogue Riders In West Yorks

A DNA spray used to successfully catch rogue riders is to be deployed 24/7 as part of a major new police drive to stamp out illegal off road biking in Wakefield District, West Yorkshire.   

Wakefield District Police are issuing SelectaDNA tagging spray to patrol officers, putting it on the streets 24 hours a day for the first time as part of a range of new measures to take riders to task.

Local officers are also issuing pictures of persons they want to identify in connection with illegal riding (such as this image, left) and advising parents who turn a blind eye or encourage to their children’s activities that they could end up complicit in the anti-social behaviour.   

Officers are taking the new measures following a recent increase in reports of anti-social off road riding in recent weeks, particularly in the Castleford and Knottingley areas.

Local officers recently received a report of two young females riding on footpaths on the Warwick estate and, on attending, spotted the suspect bike. They deployed the spray on two females aged, 16 and 13, and arrested both on suspicion of driving offences. The bike was seized and files have now been submitted to the CPS regarding the incident.

Wakefield East Officers first began using their DNA spray in 2017 and its first deployment led to a then 18-year-old being convicted at court. It has since been rolled out across the whole of the District and in neighbouring Kirklees.

Chief Inspector Richard Close of Wakefield District Police, said: “Our off road Matrix officers are achieving results on a weekly basis and their capability, together with upgrading availability of our DNA spray to allow for it to be deployed 24 hours a day, should send a clear message to off road bikers.”

Inspector Paul Sullivan of Wakefield Police East, said: “I would urge residents to report any information they may have about people riding anti socially in their communities to allow us to take action. Our investment in tools such as our DNA spray shows just how seriously we take this issue.”



For further information and images contact: Angela Singleton, Press Officer for Selectamark.

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