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Preventing Cargo Theft With New Portable Intruder Spray

Preventing Cargo Theft With New Portable Intruder Spray

As cargo thieves continue to adopt increasingly professional and sophisticated tactics, SelectaDNA has developed a new portable, battery-powered Intruder Spray system which is quick to deploy, easy to arm and disarm, and links criminals to their crime scenes through state-of-the-art synthetic DNA technology.

There are more than 31 million commercial vehicles on European roads and many have little or no measures to prevent thieves gaining access to containers, box trailers, commercial vehicles and trucks to steal contents and cargo. 

The new SelectaDNA Portable Intruder Spray System is the ideal theft deterrent for cargo, high value goods in transit and tools and equipment in static containers on building sites.

Produced by security company Selectamark, the portable spray system can be used in covert or overt operations and is fully operational within minutes. It is armed when the doors open and disarmed using a small key-fob. Those sprayed will be marked with a completely unique synthetic DNA liquid, only visible under police UV lights which will link the individual to the crime.

The SelectaDNA liquid can transfer on to the soles of shoes and marks skin, hair and clothing, lasting for days, weeks or even months. This makes the SelectaDNA Spray system range one of the most powerful theft deterrent solutions currently available.

  • Unique DNA Spray to mark offenders

  • Warning Signs to deter criminals         

  • Built in door contacts to arm System

  • Built in PIR to activate Spray

  • GSM module for immediate notification of activation

How does it work?

Once the portable system is active, anyone passing underneath the spray head will be detected by an infrared sensor, triggering the mechanism and releasing a burst of SelectaDNA Spray onto the fleeing offender.

The solution contains a unique DNA code (which only exists in one given system) and a UV tracer. This helps police detect the presence of SelectaDNA on a suspect and connect them irrefutably to a particular crime.

Displaying SelectaDNA warning signs and stickers on your premises, container or truck will deter potential criminals from targeting your property in the first place.

The portable battery unit allows deployment of a SelectaDNA spray system in places where a mains power supply is unavailable.

The units can be mounted using suitable screws/fixings or magnets (depending on surface material). The magnetic option would allow the unit to be used in steel transport containers and easily removed when no longer required.

SelectaDNA Spray is the ultimate deterrent because criminals know DNA technology links them to the crimes they commit.


For further information and images contact: Angela Singleton, Press Officer for Selectamark.

Mobile: +44(0)7905 623819
Twitter: @selectadna

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