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Driving Home The Importance of Security

Driving Home The Importance of Security

With National Farmers' Union (NFU) reporting that Land Rover Defender theft has increased by 17%, another level of security is needed to protect Defenders from being stolen.

Patrick Cruywagen, editor of Land Rover Monthly, reviewed our SelectaDNA Off Road and 4x4 Kit in the latest issue of the magazine.

Patrick said: “Not a day goes by without someone reporting a Defender or Land Rover stolen. While in some cases complete stolen Land Rovers are then exported to other countries, often they are just broken up for their parts, especially the no longer produced but still universally adored Defender.”

Each year millions of shipping containers leave UK ports as this form of freight is relatively inexpensive. Exporting broken up car parts, particularly from a stolen Defender or Land Rover has become a lucrative business.

“The only way forward is ultra violet detectable DNA marking on various parts of your vehicle,” explains Simon Ashton, SelectaDNA’s Vehicle Crime Consultant. “Criminals know how easy Defenders are to steal so you need to try and slow them down, deter and frustrate them. If you have several layers of security on your vehicle including DNA marking then they might go somewhere else as they don’t want the hassle. If a criminal tries to resell parts from a vehicle that has been DNA marked, there is a higher chance of him being caught.”

Patrick, who owns a Land Rover himself, has now had his beloved vehicle marked with SelectaDNA. “At the end of the day, you need to decide how precious your Land Rover is to you and what sort of security measures you want to and can afford to install.”

He added: “For less than £70 (the cost of the kit), what have you got to lose?”

For further information and images contact: Angela Singleton, Press Officer for Selectamark.

Mobile: +44(0)7905 623819
Twitter: @selectadna

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