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West Midlands Police Launch DNA ‘Track n Trace’ Scheme

West Midlands Police Launch DNA ‘Track n Trace’ Scheme
West Midlands Police Launch DNA ‘Track n Trace’ Scheme

Thousands of residents across Birmingham and Solihull are set to benefit from the power of forensic marking as West Midlands Police crackdown on burglary hotspots.

Officers are busy handing out SelectaDNA forensic marking kits to residents in key areas including Solihull, East Birmingham and West Birmingham in a bid to deter thieves and prevent burglaries.

Residents of 35 streets will be given home coding kits that contain a DNA solution with a unique profile that can be applied to their valuables. This will help police to recover any stolen items and link offenders to the break-ins.

The ‘Track n Trace’ operation, aimed at making communities safer, is also using new, eye-catching deterrents in the form of large yellow pavement stamps that warn: ‘Burglars Beware. Property on this street is DNA marked’.

Chief Inspector Anthony Bennett, who is leading the Track n Trace scheme, said: “Our officers will knock doors on every house in the chosen streets, offer residents advice to keep homes and valuables safe, and provide a forensic property marking kit.

“Trials have proven that using forensic marking, together with the warning signs, can have a significant impact on burglary rates – in fact, it can reduce the chance of being targeted by 85 per cent.”

He added: ““We’re always striving to come up with innovative ways to help protect people against being victim of a break-in.”

West Midlands Police Crime Prevention Manager, Mark Silvester, described the SelectaDNA kit as a ‘genuine deterrent’ to criminals.

He added: “Just one small dot of the DNA solution on a phone or tablet is all that’s needed; it’s an invisible, indelible mark and lasts for at least five years outdoors but much longer on items kept inside.”

"It’s visible under a UV light and is unique so it tells us exactly where the product was stolen from. It acts as a genuine deterrent for offenders and for people who offer a market for stolen products.”


For further information and images contact: Angela Singleton, Press Officer for Selectamark.

Mobile: +44(0)7905 623819
Twitter: @selectadna

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