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Another Scooter Criminal Jailed After Met’s Use of DNA Tagging Spray

Another Scooter Criminal Jailed After Met’s Use of DNA Tagging Spray

A man who committed a spate of crimes in London on a stolen scooter is the second offender this month (May) to be jailed after being identified by a new DNA Spray, one of the Met’s innovative tactics against moped and scooter-enabled crime.

On Thursday, 17th May, Metropolitan Police officers in the Edgware Road area saw Abderrahman Hassan, 20, from Dagenham, recklessly riding a scooter, going in and out of traffic on both sides of the road, with a vehicle registration plate hanging by a wire from the rear.

Officers checked the registration plate on the Police National Computer, which confirmed that the plate had been stolen from another scooter in Hammersmith.

The officers attempted to speak with Hassan, but he rode away at speed. However, officers managed to use SelectaDNA tagging spray before he made-off, hitting his back and the scooter.

The tagging spray is being used by the Met to catch moped and scooter offenders. The spray is invisible to the naked eye but when exposed to UV light illuminates and allows officers to identify offenders and seize their bikes. Other police forces across the UK such as West Yorkshire Police and Merseyside Police are using the same spray technology to tackle anti-social riding and have also gained convictions. .

Hassan momentarily escaped but he was soon located by officers who found him in the back streets of Edgware Road, where he was detained and identified. Officers carried out checks on the scooter and found that it had been stolen a few days before in the local area.

Hassan was taken into in custody at a central London police station where he was placed beneath the custody UV lights which highlighted the DNA tagging spray, which further proved his involvement in the earlier incident.

Hassan, pleaded guilty on Monday, 21st May to taking a vehicle without the owner’s consent, handling stolen goods, driving whilst disqualified, driving without insurance, driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence, and possession of a Class A drug (cocaine).

He was sentenced immediately afterwards to 18 weeks’ imprisonment. He also received a disqualification from driving for a further four years (until 2022), a Youth Referral Order and £115 fine.

Hassan was originally charged on Friday, 18th May before being convicted and sentenced as above.

Detective Superintendent Jess Ruddell, of Westminster Borough, said: "Hassan has been caught through the diligence and tenacity of officers who will leave no stone unturned in bringing any of these riders to justice, no matter how big or small their offence. Our DNA spray is a very effective tactic in evidentially linking offenders to these crimes and its worth has been proven yet again.

"This arrest is another example of the Met’s commitment to keeping the public safe and making the streets hostile territory for criminals who steal scooters, and then use them for other crimes."

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