Vulnerable Properties Protected By DNA

10 Aug 2011

A PROPERTY management company in Middlesbrough is protecting vulnerable houses from burglary using SelectaDNA forensic marking in a new crime prevention scheme.

Streatham Officers Use DNA Marking To Warn Off Burglars

8 Aug 2011

A RESIDENTIAL street in south-west London is being protected from burglary by the use of SelectaDNA, as part of a police initiative to cut crime in the borough of Lambeth.

SelectaDNA Deters 'Walk In' Burglaries In Coastal Town

4 Aug 2011

FORENSIC marking kits have been handed out by police to residents of a seaside town in Essex, in a bid to deter crooks after an increase in 'walk-in' burglaries.

Metal Thieves Arrested & Charged

13 Jul 2011

FOUR youths have been arrested and charged with lead theft, after SelectaDNA Grease was used to successfully place them at the scene of the crime.

Police Advise Farmers To Mark Crop-Watering Equipment

4 Jul 2011

POLICE are warning farmers to be on their guard and mark all valuable equipment following thefts of irrigation pipes across north Norfolk and Broadland.

Slough Neighbourhoods Get Tough On Burglary

4 Jul 2011

A CRACKDOWN on robbery and burglary using SelectaDNA property marking as one of the key components is being launched across 17 neighbourhoods in Slough.

Fishguard Introduces BoatWatch Scheme

30 Jun 2011

A NEW crime-fighting initiative to target criminals who commit burglaries and thefts from boat owners in a Welsh coastal town has been introduced by Dyfed-Powys police.

'Metal Theft Stopped Overnight' At Surrey Housing Estate

2 Jun 2011

A NEW scheme using SelectaDNA to tackle metal theft and burglary on a housing estate in Surrey is already proving successful, with metal theft stopping instantly.

ZERO Burglaries Down On The Farm

30 May 2011

FARMERS from Pembrokeshire are winning the fight against crime by marking agricultural machinery and farmyard equipment with forensic marking product SelectaDNA.

DNA Grease Deters Metal Thieves In Derbyshire

27 May 2011

​OFFICERS are daubing hi-tech SelectaDNA Grease around villages in the Amber Valley district of Derbyshire following a spate of lead thefts.

Oldham Fights Back Against Burglary

26 May 2011

POLICE in Greater Manchester are using a new crime prevention tool to reduce burglary in high risk areas of Oldham.

Ealing Churches Unite Against Lead Thieves

26 May 2011

POLICE in West London are making their mark in the battle against lead theft by using SelectaDNA Grease to protect a number of churches in the area.

Home Watch Gains Security Boost

27 Apr 2011

NEIGHBOURING residents in the market town of Watton in Norfolk are working with the police to take a united stand against thieves.

Nursery Target Hardens Premises With SelectaDNA

18 Apr 2011

A NURSERY school in Burnley that has been continually targeted by thieves is using SelectaDNA products to protect both the inside and outside of the premises.

£30 Million University Complex Protected By SelectaDNA

15 Apr 2011

HIGH value electronic equipment installed in state-of-the-art laboratories at the University of Northumbria is being protected from theft by SelectaDNA forensic marking.

Cumbria's 'Little Ireland' Protected By SelectaDNA

13 Apr 2011

MORE than two years after SelectaDNA was successfully used to protect 1,000 flood-stricken homes in Cumbria from burglary and looting, police continue to deploy the high-tech product in other areas of the county to deter theft, target-harden properties an

ZERO Burglaries At £25 Million Wirral 'Super School'

12 Apr 2011

SIX months after the opening of a new 'super' secondary school on Wirral that marked all of its high-value ICT equipment with SelectaDNA there have been ZERO thefts or break-ins reported

Community College Uses DNA To Battle Thieves

11 Apr 2011

COMPUTERS, laptops, projectors and other high value electronic equipment belonging to a community college in Battle, East Sussex, are being protected from theft by SelectaDNA forensic marking.

Tack Theft Scheme 100% Successful

28 Feb 2011

MORE than two years after the launch of a police campaign using SelectaDNA to deter the theft of horse equipment from stables across Shropshire, there have been ZERO thefts of marked items reported.

SelectaDNA Lands At 'Cabin Crew' Homes In North Herts

23 Feb 2011

RESIDENTS including airport cabin crew living in the parish of King's Walden, north Hertfordshire, have welcomed a new initiative to keep their homes and properties secure by using SelectaDNA, the latest in crime fighting technology.

SelectaDNA Proves Its Worth In Lancashire

21 Feb 2011

BURGLARY has been significantly reduced after SelectaDNA forensic marking was introduced to police operations in areas of Lancashire over the past year.

Forensic Fight Against Allotment Crime

17 Feb 2011

RECENT incidents of theft and vandalism at allotment sites in Hitchin and Letchworth have resulted in hi-tech forensic marking kits being deployed to deter burglars from the area.

Gloucester Cracks Down On Problem Bike Theft

9 Feb 2011

THOUSANDS of pounds worth of bikes were stolen across the city of Gloucester last year (2010), leading to a major police crackdown on bike theft involving the national online bike registration service,

Wheeling Out Cycle Crime In Warrington

8 Feb 2011

CYCLISTS in the Warrington South area of Cheshire are being offered the chance to have their bikes security marked and details logged on, the UK's leading online bike registration initiative.

No Brake For Bike Thieves In North Wales

8 Feb 2011

A MAJOR initiative to help reduce bike theft was launched recently by North Wales Police at the historic town of Dolgellau in the Snowdonia National Park.

Landlords Urged To Help Prevent Metal Theft

4 Feb 2011

VACANT properties awaiting tenants in Northumberland are being protected from burglary by Selectamark's visible permanent marking system.

Bikeregister Leads To Arrests & Recoveries In London

27 Jan 2011

BIKE thieves have been arrested, stolen bikes recovered and more than 11,000 bikes security-marked by the Metropolitan Police's Cycle Task Force, which is using Bikeregister as one of its initiatives to clampdown on bike theft in London.

Bikeregister Puts Spoke In The Wheel For Bike Thieves

25 Jan 2011

FOLLOWING a spate of bike thefts from the city centre last summer, police in Peterborough are launching an initiative to encourage bike owners to protect their cycles from theft using the national Bikeregister database.

Six Months On: Burglary Down By 66% In Surrey Areas

25 Jan 2011

THEFT from residential properties in three areas of Surrey has dropped dramatically following the use of forensic property marking solution SelectaDNA by householders.

Nursery Burglars Foiled By DNA Grease

17 Jan 2011

A NURSERY school in Burnley, Lancashire, is now protected by SelectaDNA following a spate of severely disruptive thefts.

Dudley Police Shine Spotlight On DNA Technology

16 Jan 2011

FORENSIC marking product SelectaDNA will now be used in businesses and homes across the town of Dudley in the West Midlands to prevent victims of burglary being repeatedly targeted.

Fens Residents Told 'Lock Up & Mark'

15 Jan 2011

HOUSEHOLDERS in The Fens district of eastern England are being reminded to lock their homes more securely and mark personal possessions with SelectaDNA, as part of a police campaign targeting a sudden increase in burglaries.

Theft From Student Homes Drops 70%

5 Jan 2011

THEFT from student accommodation in a suburb of Birmingham has dropped dramatically following the use of forensic property marking product SelectaDNA as part of a series of crime prevention measures.

New Year's Resolution For Letchworth Businesses

4 Jan 2011

BUSINESSES in Hertfordshire are starting the New Year with better security in place for valuable office equipment following the introduction of a property marking initiative in Letchworth Garden City.

Tis The Season To Be Careful

20 Dec 2010

A CHRISTMAS crackdown on crime is in full swing in Kingswinford, Dudley, with police using the latest SelectaDNA technology to prevent festive burglary.

Highly Acclaimed SelectaDNA Beats Southend Burglars

14 Dec 2010

POLICE in Southend are planning to stay one step ahead of burglars as they introduce SelectaDNA property marking kits to the Essex seaside resort.

Thieves Told Norfolk Is Not The Place To Commit Crime

9 Dec 2010

BURGLARS are being warned by Norfolk Constabulary that they are wasting their time breaking into homes which have been marked by SelectaDNA across the county.

Bronze Age Village Fights Back Against Metal Theft

3 Dec 2010

A SUDDEN increase in metal theft from an historic village in County Durham has resulted in SelectaDNA Grease being used in a police initiative to deter burglars.

SelectaDNA 'Undermines The Ambitions Of Thieves' In Torquay

30 Nov 2010

A HIGH-TECH scheme to boost public confidence in crime prevention has been launched in a Torquay ward, following an impressive 70% reduction in burglary using SelectaDNA in other areas of Torbay.

Repeat Burglary Stamped Out In Henley DNA Initiative

25 Nov 2010

THERE have been no repeat victims of burglary in the Henley policing district following the introduction of a SelectaDNA forensic property marking scheme two years ago.

Rochford DNA Scheme Results In ZERO School Burglaries

24 Nov 2010

OVER 30 schools and more than 250 homes in the Rochford district of Essex are being protected by SelectaDNA forensic marking, following a concerted drive to reduce burglary by a dedicated Police Community Support Officer.

Successful Crackdown On Metal Theft From Public Buildings

16 Nov 2010

EIGHTEEN months after a police crackdown on metal theft from churches and other public buildings in the Waverley district of Surrey, there has been only one reported incident, where previously there had been over 100 lead thefts in a six-month period.

Shard End DNA Scheme Feels Sharp End of the Law

12 Nov 2010

POLICE in the West Midlands are targeting 'high risk' areas of Birmingham using SelectaDNA forensic marking in a new crackdown against burglaries.

Burglars Convicted After Breaking Into 'Trap' Houses

3 Nov 2010

POLICE ‘trap’ houses in Buckinghamshire containing household items marked with SelectaDNA are being used in an ongoing crackdown on burglary that has already resulted in successful convictions.

Kent Police Set Grease Trap For CAT Thieves

2 Nov 2010

POLICE in Kent are keen to put the brakes on a fast-growing trend for catalytic converter theft from vehicles and are using SelectaDNA Grease to trap thieves in the act.

Manchester DNA Scheme: 83% Drop in Burglary

25 Oct 2010

A CRIME reduction scheme in north Manchester using SelectaDNA forensic property marking has been hugely successful and cut burglary by an impressive 83%.

Dot To Dot Technology For Housing Estate

13 Oct 2010

A HOUSING association in Sunderland is using hi-tech property marking kits containing coded microdots to combat residential theft from one of the estates it manages.

Bike Club Gears Up To Deter Theft

7 Oct 2010

BIKE thieves won't be so keen to get back in the saddle following a new crime prevention initiative just launched at a bike club in Derbyshire.

Chelsea Clip Helps Turn The Tables On Cafe Crime

6 Oct 2010

MAJOR cafe chains in the City of Westminster have been using crime prevention measures such as The Chelsea Clip to prevent and deter handbag and laptop theft and have slashed petty crime by half.

South Bucks Burglary Rate Drops 87% In Six Months

27 Sep 2010

THERE has been an impressive 87% reduction in the number of burglary victims over a six-month period in areas of South Buckinghamshire, according to a review of the SelectaDNA forensic property marking initiative being run by South Bucks District Council