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SelectaDNA Proves Its Worth In Lancashire

BURGLARY has been significantly reduced after SelectaDNA forensic marking was introduced to police operations in areas of Lancashire over the past year.

Following the use of SelectaDNA in a variety of crime prevention initiatives

• burglaries from a ‘hotspot’ estate of private homes has been reduced to ZERO,
• a serial burglar has been arrested and charged, and
• a derelict church which had been a continual target for vandalism has been left untouched for 12 months.

PC Phil Buck, Pennine police division’s crime prevention officer, explained: “We are using SelectaDNA to protect homes and property across the region and we are very pleased with the deterrent effect it is having.”

One beneficiary is a garden centre in the town of Rawtenstall that had been targeted at least three times by a burglar who was accessing the property by climbing over the office roof.

PC Buck said: “We knew this thief had been gaining entry to the property via the roof so we decided to use SelectaDNA Gel which contains a unique forensic code allocated to the garden centre. We applied the Gel to the roof so that when the burglar tried to break in again it would rub off on him and he would have incriminating traces of it on his body.“

PC Buck continued: “When we apprehended the person we suspected was responsible for the break-in he was scanned in custody and traces of the coded Gel were visible under UV light all over his forearms. This is irrefutable proof that he was on the roof and at the scene of the crime. He has since been arrested and charged with burglary.”

Another success story involved an estate of new-build detached homes in Fieldfare Way, Bacup, which had become a crime hotspot for thieves breaking into homes to not only steal valuables but also car keys, resulting in the motor vehicles parked outside being stolen too.

PC Buck said: “The estate was being hit by burglars coming in from Greater Manchester. In order to address the problem, we distributed SelectaDNA property marking kits so that residents could mark their household valuables with a unique code which links the items directly to them. We also erected deterrent warning signage around the estate.

“Since the introduction of forensic marking more than six months ago at Fieldfare Way, there have been no burglaries at all, which is very impressive.”

In another example, a derelict church, also in Bacup, was being regularly vandalised by a group of youths.

PC Buck said: “SelectaDNA Gel was used on the roof and window sills at the church and deterrent signage erected.

“Twelve months on and there have been no reports of vandalism at all, which is an excellent result all round.”

For further information and images contact: Angela Singleton, Press Officer for Selectamark.

Mobile: +44(0)7905 623819
Twitter: @selectadna

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