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Thieves Told Norfolk Is Not The Place To Commit Crime

BURGLARS are being warned by Norfolk Constabulary that they are wasting their time breaking into homes which have been marked by SelectaDNA across the county.

A new property marking scheme has just been launched in North Wootton, Kings Lynn following successful property marking initiatives in other districts.

The Woottons Safer Neighbourhood Team has issued SelectaDNA kits to identified homes in the village including previous victims of burglary and neighbouring households.

SelectaDNA is an invisible liquid which can be used to mark items of value such as electrical items and jewellery, providing a permanent and unique link to the owner. It allows police to easily identify stolen property and provides compelling evidence in subsequent prosecutions.

Woottons Police Community Support Office (PCSO) Gareth Cranstoun said: “This is part of the wider service offered by police to victims of burglary. It gives some peace of mind to people who feel their homes have been violated and as a deterrent, can help protect the wider community from being targeted.”

Elsewhere in the county, a successful initiative rolled out to reduce household and commercial burglaries in the Broadland area has seen in excess of 500 properties receiving a kit to mark their valuables, since the scheme was launched at the end of last year (2009).

Inspector Brian Pincher said: "Thieves need to think twice about stealing or breaking into houses in Norfolk. Property is permanently marked and we can now easily trace it back to the rightful owners, this makes stolen goods very difficult to dispose of and easier for us to prosecute offenders.”

He added: “Norfolk and in particular Broadland is not the place to commit crime!"

Now that the scheme has been established and a number of homeowners and businesses have opted in, street signs advertising the scheme, funded by Broadland District Council, have been erected to warn off burglars.
Rheanne Scott, Community Safety Partnerships Coordinator for Broadland District Council said:  "Burglars need to beware that hundreds of homes and businesses are using SelectaDNA, the latest property marking technology, which gives criminal justice agencies, residents and business a new tool to clearly prove the link between offenders, stolen property and their victims so that justice can be done.”

SelectaDNA property marking is a proven deterrent, reducing burglary by up to 85% in some areas of the UK.

Deterrent warning signs and stickers can be placed inside and outside homes utilising the kits so that thieves will think twice, as there is a higher risk of getting caught.

Superintendent Dave Marshall from North Walsham Police station, said: “This technology means that it is now possible for officers to link potential offenders to a crime scene on the street. 

 “When a person suspected of committing an offence is stopped, we are now able to scan them determine whether they have been in contact with marked property making it possible for us to link them to the burglary and aiding a quicker arrest and prosecution.”


For further information and images contact: Angela Singleton, Press Officer for Selectamark.

Mobile: +44(0)7905 623819
Twitter: @selectadna

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