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SelectaDNA Deters 'Walk In' Burglaries In Coastal Town

FORENSIC marking kits have been handed out by police to residents of a seaside town in Essex, in a bid to deter crooks after an increase in ‘walk-in’ burglaries.

According to Essex Police, burglars have been walking right into homes in the coastal area of Brightlingsea because people have been leaving their doors and windows open to combat the heat.

The SelectaDNA kits, supplied by Selectamark, allow people to mark valuable property such as electronic equipment and jewellery with an invisible stamp that cannot be scraped off or removed.

Crime reduction officer Dave Gillies said: “Nobody thinks it will happen to them until they are hit, but we have seen an increase in walk-in burglaries, particularly in the more rural areas.

“We want the kits to act as deterrents to criminals. They will allow police to mark property so it can be traced if stolen.

“This is a way that we can take the fight to the crooks and do something proactive to make them think twice.
“People should also take more care to lock their doors and windows so they don't give criminals the opportunity."

Linda Belgrove of Essex Police Authority and Alresford Parish Council said: “I know how valuable crime fighting tools such as Selecta DNA are, and this is a major step in preventing and solving crime."

For further information and images contact: Angela Singleton, Press Officer for Selectamark.

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