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Space-Age Home Security

Space-Age Home Security

Top tech journalist James Day has described SelectaDNA as ‘space-age’ and ‘an invisible innovation’ that that can help protect property and prevent burglaries.

James, a former tech editor for Metro newspaper and writer for the Gadget Show and Wired UK, was writing an article for an insurance website when he explained how ‘invisible DNA tagging from SelectaDNA could bring more criminals to justice with a dose of forensic genius’.

“It works by marking possessions with a unique code that shows up under ultraviolet light and is identified as yours under a microscope,” said James.

He went on to explain how SelectaDNA is relatively inexpensive to use at around £1 a marked item and that the technology has been taken to new levels.

“Intruders doused with the microscopic mist from an automated spray will glow under ultraviolet light for months, conclusively pinning them to the location,” said James.

He concluded: “Just remember: deter, delay and detect is the name of the game. Top tech could be your greatest crime fighter to help you prevent burglaries.”

For further information and images contact: Angela Singleton, Press Officer for Selectamark.

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Twitter: @selectadna

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