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SelectaDNA Brings Added Security To Services Group

SelectaDNA Brings Added Security To Services Group

FORENSIC marking product SelectaDNA has been a highly effective theft deterrent at the Sunlight Services Group headquarters in Basingstoke, Hampshire, where there have been ZERO reported burglaries since January 2007.

Sunlight is a leading provider of textile rental and laundry services to industry and commerce, as well as the NHS and public sector.
As part of an ongoing security scheme that began two and a half years ago, equipment in Sunlight's accounts, telesales, services and production departments, as well as on their factory floor, has been permanantly marked with SelectaDNA.

Sunlight IT Manager Jeff Roberts said: “Virtually all our IT equipment from laptops to printers, to PCs and monitors has been marked to deter theft. We have also marked all our PDAs and bar-code scanners, aswell as our Thin Client devices.”

Commercial SelectaDNA kits contain a solution which has been DNA-coded for the individual company. It can be applied to any item of value but does not damage the marked property in any way. The liquid also contains thousands of unique microdots, allowing the police two ways to identify marked items if an item is stolen and recovered. It can then be traced back to the registered company.

Mr Roberts continued: “SelectaDNA is simple to use and we have instructed our engineers to mark each item as part of the build process. We have also given kits to two of our external suppliers who carry out configuration work for us.”

The deterrent aspect of SelectaDNA plays a major part in any marking scheme and stickers warning thieves that an item is marked are supplied with every kit.

Jeff Roberts said: “We place one of the orange deterrent stickers on every item we mark. We have also placed 'Thieves Beware' warning stickers on the windows too. Posters indicating that our equipment is DNA-marked are being put up around the building.”

He added: “SelectaDNA is a relatively cheap option for us and acts as a good 'insurance policy', if you like. There is always the chance that anything marked can be returned to the company if recovered, but if it is not marked the item can be as good as lost as soon as it is taken from the premises.”

For further information and images contact: Angela Singleton, Press Officer for Selectamark.

Mobile: +44(0)7905 623819
Twitter: @selectadna

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