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NZ Police Supply DNA Marking To Repeat Burglary Victims

NZ Police Supply DNA Marking To Repeat Burglary Victims

A New Zealand man who has been burgled twice has been given a SelectaDNA forensic marking kit to protect his belongings.

On the second occasion, Matthew Shultz, a resident of Invercargill, came home one afternoon with his daughter when he noticed a car at the front of his property parked in an odd place. He told his daughter to stay in the car while he went to find out what was going on.

Mr Shultz confronted a man on his property who turned out to be a burglar who fled the property. The burglar left his car at the property and when police searched it, they found a hord of items from other burglaries.

While Mr Shultz got all his property back, the incident has had a huge impact, with his daughter now scared to be at home, Schultz said.

Mr Schultz is one of a group of burglary victims who has received a SelectaDNA kit from police so he can mark his property to deter future criminals.

Objects marked with SelectaDNA reveal a unique serial number when placed under a UV light, making it easier to prove an item was stolen.

Local primary school Fernworth Primary has also had its fair share of burglaries. Teacher Karina Sellwood said in a period of about three months the school had several laptops and iPads go missing, loudspeakers taken off the roof of the building and the school hall broken into.

The school has since upped security measures and police have also dropped off a SelectaDNA kit. Constable David McLardy of the neighbourhood policing team said the Selecta DNA kits were "another tool in the arsenal of burglary protection.”

Fernworth Primary School had been identified as a repeat victim as it had been targeted several times over the years, McLardy said.

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