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NZ Bank Robber Identified By DNA Spray

A MASKED man, armed with a shotgun, who robbed a bank in Wellington, New Zealand, has been identified due
to traces of SelectaDNA Spray on his person.

There were no customers in the BNZ Bank in Tawa during the robbery on 21st August, but the man confronted
staff and stole a small amount of cash.

As he left the bank, the robber was unwittingly sprayed with SelectaDNA Spray, a synthetic DNA-laced mist
that provides an irrefutable link between the offender and the crime.

Following public appeals and investigations, police ascertained the identity of the robber and, when he
was later arrested, found traces of SelectaDNA Spray up his nose, in his ears and around his neck.

The 42-year old man admitted the offence when confronted with the DNA evidence.

Detective Senior Sergeant Warwick McKee of the Wellington District Crime Squad, said:

“This result is very pleasing. It is very satisfying that we have got this alleged violent offender off the streets.
This crime has caused distress and concern to bank staff and public in the area at the time. Making this arrest will reassure and make the public feel safer in their community.”

The robber has appeared at Wellington District Court and is awaiting sentence.

NZ Bank Robber Identified By DNA Spray

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