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Villagers Issue DNA Warning To Burglars

Villagers Issue DNA Warning To Burglars

A picturesque village near Cannock in South Staffordshire has been selected by local police as the perfect location to run a pre-Christmas anti-theft campaign.

Homes in the historic village of Shareshill, which has a church tower dating back to the 14th century, have been subjected to a spate of thefts over the past year, where valuable items such as jewellery, antiques and laptop computers have been stolen.

However, residents of Shareshill are teaming up with local police to fight back against theft by using the latest in DNA forensic technology to protect their homes and possessions.

Around 100 properties have been permanently marked with a new product called SelectaDNA, which irrefutably links criminals to burglaries and break-ins. The forensic markings are impossible to remove and identification can be made from tiny specks the size of a pin head.

Thieves should be aware that similar police marking schemes in other residential areas across the UK have reduced break-ins by up to 80%.

Judy Russon, Partnerships Officer for the South Staffordshire district, who is organising the scheme, said: “On dark winter nights, when theft is traditionally on the increase, we want to help residents protect their properties. Forensic marking will be a major deterrent to thieves in the first instance – but if items are stolen, it is much easier for us to catch the perpetrators.”

Whilst crime levels in Shareshill are considered by police to be "moderate" at present, the fact that the village has quick and easy ‘getaway’ access to major roads is thought to have been a contributing factor to its appeal to thieves in the past.

Metal street signs are being erected at all the entrance and exit points into and out of Shareshill, warning thieves that houses are DNA protected.

James Brown of security company Selectamark, which produces SelectaDNA, said: "Over the years, we have been involved in hundreds of police schemes across the country and we are very pleased that SelectaDNA is being used to help the police tackle theft in Shareshill. We are confident that residents will see a drop in crime as a result."

Staffordshire Police. Contact: Judy Russon. Telephone: 01785 233741.

For further information and images contact: Angela Singleton, Press Officer for Selectamark.

Mobile: +44(0)7905 623819
Twitter: @selectadna

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