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Netto Supermarkets Deploy DNA Spray To Deter Robberies

Netto Supermarkets Deploy DNA Spray To Deter Robberies

DISCOUNT supermarket group Netto is now using the SelectaDNA Spray system to deter robbery from several stores in Sweden.

The system is already being used by Netto and other supermarket chains in Denmark, where the success of its deployment there has led to it being introduced to Sweden.

The Swedish stores had previously been the targets of repeated robberies. It is hoped that the introduction of the spray system will not only stop robbery but also increase safety for employees and help police to track and prosecute the criminals behind these attacks. 

When activated SelectaDNA Spray emits a DNA-coded mist onto anyone breaking into a store to steal stock or fleeing from it with cash or goods. The spray is traceable back to the crime scene

According to Ernst-Olof Persson, SelectaDNA’s distributor in Sweden, the installation of the spray, which can be integrated within the store's existing alarm and surveillance systems, will immediately result in a reduction of attacks thanks to its powerful deterrent effect.

Mr Persson said: “Last year SelectaDNA Spray was installed by our colleagues in Denmark at a large number of Netto stores which were highly vulnerable to robbery. Since the installations, robbery has ceased at these stores.”

He continued: “Even if a burglary or robbery is carried out, the perpetrators will be immediately marked by the store's ‘address’ in the form of the DNA molecules that are registered to an international database that the Swedish police has access to. The DNA fluoresces blue when illuminated under police UV lamps and remains on skin and clothing for a long time.”

Bent Holm, CEO of Netto Sweden, added: “It's important to us that our employees in store feel secure. We have suffered many robberies, burglaries and thefts and we want to find new solutions to put an end to these crimes. 

“We are hoping that SelectaDNA will deter burglary in the first instance and that it will also help police catch the perpetrators of any crimes committed. Without DNA proof police have to release these criminals, where they are free to offend again.”



For further information and images contact: Angela Singleton, Press Officer for Selectamark.

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