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London Bridge BID Uses DNA Scheme To Reduce Burglary & Protect Property

London Bridge BID Uses DNA Scheme To Reduce Burglary & Protect Property

Team London Bridge, the Business Improvement District (BID) for the London Bridge area, has introduced a new SelectaDNA scheme to protect its business community from crime.

Incidents of burglary tend to increase as nights lengthen during winter months, a problem that became particularly apparent in the SE1 area in 2015/16.

This year however, Team London Bridge is taking positive steps to eradicate commercial burglary within the BID area by offering its businesses forensic marking kits for their valuable office equipment.

The SelectaDNA kits consist of a unique synthetic DNA solution which is applied to equipment such as computers, TVs, mobile phones and cameras. Signage at the premises and on the items themselves serves as a strong deterrent but if stolen items are later recovered by the police, the unique identifying code means the property can be returned to its original owner and the perpetrator linked directly to a crime scene; increasing conviction rates.

Team London Bridge’s aim is to have a high density of businesses in the BID area protected by SelectaDNA, increasing its overall preventative effect as London Bridge becomes a less attractive environment for would-be thieves. 93% of UK Police forces have used SelectaDNA to combat crime and in residential settings it has proven to reduce burglaries by up to 83%.

Henry Johnstone, Business & Operations Manager at Team London Bridge said: “Improving safety and security for our business community has always been one of our top priorities and I strongly encourage our members to take advantage of the offer. Our dedicated police officer PC Nick Morant will be distributing the kits so businesses will also benefit from his advice on using the product effectively and general guidance on keeping their premises safe.”

If you’re a business based in London Bridge and would like one of the SelectaDNA kits, please contact Henry Johnstone [email protected] 

For further information and images contact: Angela Singleton, Press Officer for Selectamark.

Mobile: +44(0)7905 623819
Twitter: @selectadna

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