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First DNA Marking Scheme Launches In Norway

First DNA Marking Scheme Launches In Norway

A NEW DNA property marking scheme aiming to reduce and deter burglary has been launched in a Norwegian neighbourhood.

Following a rise in burglaries earlier this year, 300 homes in Hasleåsen,Sandefjord (in Vestfold County) have been selected for a pilot project using SelectaDNA, which is produced by UK security company Selectamark.

This is the first time Vestfold Police have partnered in a commercial enterprise to reduce crime. The partnership also involves insurance company Tryg Forsikring, and financial industry organisation Finans Norge, as well as security trade association NSR and Selectamark’s Norwegian security partner Safe4 Security.

As part of the new initiative, residents in Hasleåsen are being issued with a SelectaDNA property marking kit which can mark household valuables, allowing them to be traceable back to the owner in the event they are stolen.

The area has previously been a target for burglaries as it is close to motorway access and has gardens that back on to woodland area, allowing easy exit from the properties.

Police Inspector Odd Skei Kostveit, said: “Our decision to undertake this pilot project is based on the good experiences of our neighbouring countries. In Sweden, for instance, the crime rate decreased by 85 per cent during a similar pilot project in neighbourhoods in Stockholm.”

“The benefit for the police is that we can more easily link stolen goods to criminals and that we are able to return stolen property to the right owner. We often come across properties full of stolen goods without being able to prove that the objects are acquired illegally,” he added.

SelectaDNA’s synthetic DNA formula has proven to be an effective means of preventing burglary in nearly 50 countries.

Elin Ljones from insurance company Tryg Forsikring said: “It will hopefully deter thieves from committing burglary if they see that the house has deterrent warning stickers in the windows stating that the assets in the house are DNA-marked.”

She added: “It is gratifying to be able to offer a product that can prevent burglary. It can be a great burden for those who fall victim to such crime. The capital loss is easy to replace, but we know that many are also struggling with the psychological after-effects.” 


For further information and images contact: Angela Singleton, Press Officer for Selectamark.

Mobile: +44(0)7905 623819
Twitter: @selectadna

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