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DNA Traceable Liquids Reduce Burglary In London Boroughs

DNA Traceable Liquids Reduce Burglary In London Boroughs

Crime reduction schemes involving SelectaDNA traceable liquids are successfully deterring burglary from targeted properties in major London Boroughs.

In Wandsworth, the local council has been offering SelectaDNA property marking kits to residents in specific roads that had been previously targeted for the theft of electronic goods. The initiative is part of the Graveney Burglary Reduction Project, with input from local Metropolitan Police and Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinators.

Since the introduction of the scheme in April 2014, none of the houses that have used the kits to mark valuable household goods have been burgled.

SelectaDNA is an easy-to-apply traceable property marking liquid that consists of a unique, synthetic DNA code, hundreds of microdots, and a UV tracer. The SelectaDNA mark can be used to identify the registered owner of lost or stolen property.

Adama Sulaiman of Wandsworth Council's Community Safety Division said: "Letters offering the kits have been sent out to all residents in four roads that have been targeted for the theft of portable electronic goods, in particular mobile phones and iPads. If a householder requests a kit, we make an appointment to visit them at home and show them how to mark their property correctly."

She continued: "Uptake has been good and none of the houses that have used the kits have been burgled. Not only is the product a deterrent, we have explained to people that they stand a much better chance of getting their marked items back if they are stolen and later recovered by police.

“Feedback from the residents is that they are impressed with how advanced the SelectaDNA technology is. The scheme is ongoing and we are really pleased with the results so far."

There have also been burglary reductions using DNA traceable liquids in the London Borough of Redbridge, and in various operations with West Midlands Police.

For further information and images contact: Angela Singleton, Press Officer for Selectamark.

Mobile: +44(0)7905 623819
Twitter: @selectadna

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