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Danish Police: DNA Spray ‘Effective At Preventing Robbery’

Danish Police: DNA Spray ‘Effective At Preventing Robbery’

According to a report released by Danish national police force Rigspolitiet, SelectaDNA Spray, used as an anti-theft measure by banks, supermarkets and other companies, is proving effective at deterring potential robbers from carrying out crimes.

Rigspolitiet conducted an experiment testing the effectiveness of the technology in 42 grocery stores around Copenhagen and found that in some cases the rates of theft fell by as much as 65%.

Lead researcher, Rune Holst Scherg, said: “DNA spray works to deter thieves from committing the robbery, so it has great crime prevention value.”

The technology, which works by dousing the robber in a cloud of invisible spray containing a unique DNA signature, lingers on the skin of a suspect anywhere between four to six weeks and can be traced on clothes for up to a few months.

Since each spray has a unique DNA signature, police can trace it back to the store in which it was set off.


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