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Council Scheme Protects Ashford Homes

Council Scheme Protects Ashford Homes

HOMES in the Ashford area are now better protected against theft, thanks to a crime prevention initiative involving the use of SelectaDNA by Spelthorne Borough Council and Surrey Police.

The scheme was championed by four ward councillors including two members of Spelthorne Council's Cabinet, with funding from a Better Neighbourhood Grant.

The SelectaDNA kits enable valuables to be invisibly marked with a substance which has a unique DNA profile, allowing belongings to be traced to their rightful owner. It can be used on anything from small items of jewellery to large electronic items including plasma TVs.

Officers from the Spelthorne Neighbourhood Police Team met residents and distributed the kits at Muncaster Close, St Matthews Court and Sabah Court in Ashford. They then visited more than 100 households to show residents how to mark their valuables.

Signs have been put up warning burglars and distraction thieves that properties in the area have SelectaDNA protection. Further distribution exercises are planned in other residential areas of the town.

Council Leader Cllr Frank Ayers said: "Community safety and reassurance we hold in great store. This simple but effective deterrent gives vulnerable residents some peace of mind that thieves will think twice before targeting their homes.

"And anyone who does fall victim to distraction thieves or burglars has a hugely improved chance of having their valuables returned."

Spelthorne Neighbourhood Inspector Derrick Laing said: "Anything which helps deter criminals and protect residents' possessions from thieves is an excellent tool.

"The uptake of the offer of SelectaDNA kits was gratifying and we are pleased to see so many residents being proactive about their own safety and security."

For further information and images contact: Angela Singleton, Press Officer for Selectamark.

Mobile: +44(0)7905 623819
Twitter: @selectadna

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