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Australian-First: Victoria Police Launch SelectaDNA Trial To Cut Crime

Australian-First: Victoria Police Launch SelectaDNA Trial To Cut Crime

An Australian-first crime prevention property marking trial has been launched by Victoria Police in alliance with community, government and private sector stakeholders.

The Protect/Prevent campaign is using SelectaDNA, a high-tech innovation in traceable liquid property marking, which enables people to mark and register valuable items for future identification purposes.

It is the first campaign presented by Safety Alliance Victoria, a new collaborative crime-fighting body comprising Victoria Police, Royal Automobile Club of Victoria (RACV), Neighbourhood Watch, Crime Stoppers and Federation University.

A six-month trial of the property marking technology, which is being evaluated by Federation University, has begun in 1,000 homes across Geelong and Whittlesea.

Local police and Neighbourhood Watch volunteers have been delivering SelectaDNA kits to residents. Each kit contains a bottle of clear liquid that has a unique synthetic DNA code.

The liquid, which is almost impossible to remove, can be applied to up to 50 valuable items including tablets, jewellery and appliances, and is registered to the people occupying the home.

If a marked item is stolen and recovered then police can use a UV lamp to identity the presence of the liquid. Forensic examinations can determine its unique DNA code and the item can be returned to its registered owner.

Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Tess Walsh said SelectaDNA could help to significantly reduce residential burglaries in Geelong and Whittlesea.

“Residents can use the technology to safeguard their possessions and homes which we hope will go a long way in deterring thieves and driving down the number of residential burglaries,” AC Walsh said.

“With the support of the City of Greater Geelong and City of Whittlesea, Protect/Prevent will also be assisted by visual saturation of the campaign through street and house signage in order to further deter potential offenders.”

AC Walsh reminded the community that while the Protect/Prevent trial is being held across 1,000 homes, everyone has a role to play in crime prevention.

“Our intelligence shows that one third of all homes broken into have no sign of forced entry,” AC Walsh said.

“Together we need to improve home security so that it is more difficult for offenders to gain access to properties and steal your property.”


For further information and images contact: Angela Singleton, Press Officer for Selectamark.

Mobile: +44(0)7905 623819
Twitter: @selectadna

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