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Auckland Burglary Victims Get Extra Protection

BURGLARY victims in Auckland, New Zealand, are being given SelectaDNA property marking kits to help combat repeat burglaries.

Auckland Police and Auckland Council are distributing 500 DNA kits to help burglary victims in hotspot areas including Ranui and Onehunga to mark their valuable household possessions.

The marking fluid contains a unique synthetic DNA code, which is registered on a secure database. The fluid glows bright blue under ultraviolet light, so stolen items can be easily identified.

The unique DNA code enables the items to be linked to where they were stolen from, and in some cases can help them be returned. Stickers warn thieves that the marked items are protected. One kit can mark 50 items.

"The kits are being supplied by Auckland Council through its Community Development and Safety team to try and ensure those who have been burgled in the past, use this simple technique to mark property and can identify any recovered goods in the event they are burgled again," said Acting Assistant Commissioner of Police Richard Chambers.

Auckland councillor George Wood said anyone who had been burgled would understand the feeling of powerlessness and feeling unsafe in their home, but the kits would help burglary victims feel more secure.

"These kits are just one tool but anything that supports residents to be and feel safe is well worth the investment," he said.

SelectaDNA kits have already proved an effective way to combat burglary. In the first New Zealand trial of the product, 1,000 kits were distributed to homes, schools and businesses in Randall Park, Manurewa.

The trial, which took place in 2010, led to a massive 61 per cent reduction of burglaries in the suburb. The kits have also been distributed to schools around the country.



Auckland Burglary Victims Get Extra Protection

For further information and images contact: Angela Singleton, Press Officer for Selectamark.

Mobile: +44(0)7905 623819
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