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100% Burglary Reduction On Crime-Ridden Industrial Estate

100% Burglary Reduction On Crime-Ridden Industrial Estate

THERE has been a 100% reduction in burglaries on a previously crime-ridden industrial estate in Pembrokeshire, following the use of SelectaDNA forensic marking.

The Waterloo Industrial Estate, Pembroke Dock, is home to two large engineering firms, a builders merchants, a concrete works, a pressure jet cleaning service and an environmental recycling plant.

Traders on the estate had been so concerned at the level of crime that they had complained to local Police about the large number of burglaries, criminal damage and anti-social behaviour being committed.
PC Ian Whiteford, Crime Prevention Design Advisor for Pembrokeshire Police, said: “The problem was of such a scale that certain businessmen on the estate were considering relocating out of the area due to the financial loss they were experiencing.”

He continued: “Large quantities of high value stainless steel and other metals were being stolen, scrap metal thefts and diesel thefts were common and one instance of criminal damage had cost in the region of £100,000.”

SelectaDNA is a new forensic technology which links criminals to crime scenes and provides an unbreakable chain of evidence in a court of law. The liquid can be specifically DNA-coded to any business premises and also contains thousands of unique microdots, allowing the Police two ways to identify marked items.

The product can be used to mark any item of value including scrap metal, industrial piping, diesel tanks and machinery such as fork-lift trucks.
If marked items are stolen from a particular premises and later found they can be linked directly with the crime scene, not only allowing the property to be returned to the business concerned, but also increasing the chance of conviction.
PC Whiteford said: “An in-depth crime survey was carried out at the Waterloo Industrial Estate and as a result various recommendations were made, including the use of SelectaDNA throughout all premises.

“Signage was placed in prominent positions indicating the use of SelectaDNA and a press launch publicised the scheme to the wider community.”

He added: “To date there has been a 100 per cent drop in offences at the estate, which is an excellent result for us and for the local businesses concerned, which had previously suffered heavily due to burglary and crime.”

For further information and images contact: Angela Singleton, Press Officer for Selectamark.

Mobile: +44(0)7905 623819
Twitter: @selectadna

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