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SelectaDNA Spray

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Marks robbers and burglars with a unique forensic solution

Since the launch of SelectaDNA spray in 2008, it has become one of the most effective ways to deter robberies and commercial burglaries and is used in over 20 countries worldwide.

Premises protected with SelectaDNA immediately become hard targets as criminals are scared by DNA technology - they know that DNA links them to crimes they commit. The DNA Spray System is used by banks, jewellers, petrol stations, restaurants, retail outlets, and even schools and colleges, to protect their valuable stock, assets and employees.

Installing the Spray System

Single or multiple SelectaDNA Spray heads can be fitted at the entry points of premises. The DNA Spray can be armed by a panic button and/or linked to an existing intruder alarm system. Once armed, movement beneath the PIR sensor causes the spray head to emit a burst of unique SelectaDNA solution onto the offenders. We liaise with your alarm installer and provide them with full installation guidelines on how to integrate the system with your intruder alarm.

Identifying a Sprayed Offender

Traces of the DNA solution can be taken from the skin, hair and clothing of suspects, and sent away for forensic analysis to prove that the offender has committed an offence at a particular premises. Although invisible and harmless, the UV and DNA will remain on an offender for weeks - clinging to fibres and sitting in creases of the skin. The Police routinely scan for traces of SelectaDNA traceable liquids and, if found, criminals are irrefutably linked to a crime scene which aids Police in obtaining a conviction.

The Deterrent Effect

Reflective outdoor warning signs and 2-sided window stickers are supplied with the system, to alert potential offenders that those premises displaying signage are protected. As the DNA fear-factor amongst criminals is so high, it has been shown that criminals will leave protected sites alone, and focus on softer targets. Installing the DNA Spray System and displaying the warning signs has eliminated crime by up to 100% in certain cases.

Watch our video to see how SelectaDNA Intruder Spray works

System Configuration

To discover more about the individual components of the system please click here

To discuss your requirements, or for a full quotation, please email [email protected] or call 01689 860757.




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