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Offender Sprays

SelectaDNA offender sprays deliver our unique SelectaDNA solution of UV marker and synthetic DNA in aerosol form to protect your property, assets and employees from criminals.

SelectaDNA offers two offender spray delivery systems; intruder sprays and defence sprays.

Intruder Spray

Created to protect businesses from robberies and commercial burglaries, our Intruder Spray can be integrated into your current security system to provide you with an additional powerful layer of protection. The spray system can be mounted above entry points and, once armed, sprays an intruder with SelectaDNA when they pass underneath.

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Defence Spray

Created to protect employees from personal attack and to offer an extra measure for security staff procedures, the SelectaDNA Defence Spray is a police-approved hand-held device, which can cover an offender with SelectaDNA from up to 5 metres away.

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With all our offender spray systems, the solution of unique DNA code and UV marker allows criminals to be easily detected by police and linked irrefutably to a particular crime; providing police with crucial evidence to gain a conviction with.

This leads to a fear of DNA technology amongst criminals so your business, assets and employees are much less likely to ever face the threat of crime because of the deterrent effect of SelectaDNA on your premises.

If you would like to learn more about how offender sprays could benefit your business, please contact our sales team on 01689 860 757 or [email protected]


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SelectaDNA Spray Head (Curved Orange)

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SelectaDNA Aerosol (Single Code)

SelectaDNA Aerosol (Single Code)

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SelectaDNA Defence Spray Kit

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