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Police Kits

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Marking kits available for bulk order

Property marking is a vital part of any acquisitive crime prevention initiative and protecting valuables with SelectaDNA forensic marking is proven to reduce burglary by up to 83% in Police trials.  Forensic Marking not only helps prevent crime, but also gives Police powerful evidence to link offenders to crime scenes and provides an unbreakable chain of evidence in a court of law.

Police Kits

Our Police and Insurance preferred property marking kits are accredited by 'Secured by Design' and are supported by Crimestoppers. Over our 30 year history we have worked in partnership with every police force in the UK as well as police and border agencies. 

Our property marking kits are available for Police Forces, BIDs and CDRPs to purchase in bulk so they can be distributed to residents as part of local crime reduction initiatives.  All kits include lifetime registration on our secure database, which means there is no annual licence fee for residents and no ongoing costs after you have distributed the kits.

"These kits are just one method we are employing to tackle burglaries in the area and are one of the most simple and effective ways of protecting your possessions. Property marking puts burglars off because it lets others know the item has been stolen, making it more difficult to sell on. The other advantage is that it makes tracing and returning your stolen property a lot easier for police.”

Superintendent Matt Boyle, Merseyside Police
Police Kits

Bulk Purchasing of SelectaDNA marking kits

Police can use SelectaDNA as part of mass marking crime reduction campaigns to help residents mark valuable household items such as electronic equipment, garden tools and jewellery.  Police can also advise local companies and retail outlets on how best to protect expensive items of stock, as well as the equipment they need to operate their businesses. Local schools can be target-hardened against break-ins by the use of SelectaDNA which can be used to mark ICT equipment and even sports gear.

Police Kits

Mark and record each item

Each pot of SelectaDNA contains a synthetic DNA code held in a UV adhesive, containing hundreds of microdots. The product covertly marks items of value to uniquely identify them by way of the DNA markers, which are securely manufactured and encrypted so that unauthorised or criminal duplication is impossible,  SelectaDNA takes the concept of forensic marking to the next level by the use of uniquely-coded microdots as a supplementary identifier, which allows police to identify stolen property in real time without having to release suspects on bail. Details of marked items are held on an LPS1224 database, as recommended by the National Police Chiefs' Council ("NPCC").

Police Kits

Display warning signs and stickers

Our deterrent warning signs can be erected on the streets to warn off criminals and are recommended as a hugely effective part of your crime reduction campaign.  DNA evidence frightens criminals and provides the evidential chain that police officers require to be more effective in their jobs.  In residential property marking schemes, police should encourage homeowners to attach the tamper-resistant warning stickers and prominently display the window stickers to warn criminals that their homes are protected by SelectaDNA.

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