We provide vital solutions to frontline services such as the NHS, Police and Government, to protect the public, employees and critical equipment and infrastructure from all types of crime.
We also provide key asset management solutions to vital public and private sector organisations. As it is important to keep them and their suppliers working at full capacity, we have kept our business open and are working safely and within the government guidelines.

Plant Theft

An ever-increasing problem

Theft from construction sites is an ever-increasing problem with an estimated £100 million of plant being stolen per annum including scaffolding, excavators, compressors and even cranes.  This then means delays in vital work and lead to significant costs to replace stolen assets.  By forensically marking your property with SelectaDNA and displaying our warning signage, you are providing a physical and visible theft deterrent.

Please find below our range of kits and warning signage available for you to purchase today.

Plant Theft

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