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Commercial Kits

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Protection for your company’s assets.

Reducing risk of theft and disruption

Following its successful use in banks, restaurants, jewellery stores and retail outlets, more and more big name companies are using SelectaDNA to protect their valuable equipment and premises worldwide.

But SelectaDNA is not just for use by large corporates, our Commercial Property Marking kits can be used in home offices and by SMEs, Schools & Colleges, University Departments, NHS & Hospitals and Councils & Government Departments.

The kits allow you to mark and protect valuable items of equipment quickly and easily, deterring would be thieves and in-house theft.

Identify items to be protected

SelectaDNA property marking has been proven to reduce and deter commercial burglary and theft. Commercial kits come in different sizes to mark 100, 500 and 1,000 items.
The kits are suitable for marking laptops, desktops, TFT monitors, hard drives, projectors, AV equipment, laser printers, scanners, telephones, fax machines, PDAs, iPods, mobile phones and much more.
Please note: The price of this kit is a ONE-OFF cost. You will NOT be committing yourself to recurring Annual Licence Fees.

Mark and record each item

SelectaDNA comes in a pot of adhesive solution which can be applied to any valuable items of equipment.
The clear liquid formula, which consists of an ultraviolet (UV) tracer and a unique DNA code, can be easily applied to any workplace item to identify it as belonging to that particular company.
The marking is impossible to remove and takes a matter of seconds to apply. The DNA code is stored on a secure database which is accessible by police 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
If an item of equipment is stolen and later recovered by police, it can be scanned using a UV light and traced back to the company it was stolen from via the DNA code.

Display warning signs and stickers

Thieves fear SelectaDNA and its power to link them to their crime, in some cases leading to arrest and conviction. This is known as the ‘DNA Fear Factor’.
SelectaDNA is proven to reduce thefts by up to 85%, especially where staff and outside contractors are made aware of its use through warning labels, window stickers and outdoor signage.
The deterrent factor of the Commercial SelectaDNA property marking kit is most effective when used in combination with warning labels, stickers, tags and outdoor signs.

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