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Cable Theft

Cable Theft has become a national problem that costs the UK £700 million every year. The problem is set to continue as overseas demand for metals, particularly in China and India, drives up prices in Europe and this makes cable theft even more attractive.

Cable Theft: The disruption it causes

Theft of copper cables now affects millions of people's lives almost on a daily basis. It is not unusual for train journeys to be delayed or cancelled because of cables being stolen. As recently as 7 September 2011, trains in and out of London Bridge Station were disrupted as copper cable thieves ripped out just 9 metres of signalling cable close to Millwall Football ground. For Network Rail, the cost of putting things right is not just the metal itself but also the maintenance cost of shutting down lines and penalties to the train operators.

Whole villages hit by cable thieves

Again this month, a whole village in Doncaster has been left without telephone and internet for days as gangs stole underground copper cable - its scrap value is just too attractive to would be thieves.

Crimestoppers' rewards for metal theft

The problem has become so bad that Crimestoppers have doubled their reward for information to £2,000. The repercussions for whole communities are huge. In West Yorkshire earlier this year, a row of houses suffered a dramatic explosion which could have easily killed a large number of home owners and fire fighters who had been called in to save them. It was a miracle that nobody was hurt, especially if you look at the video footage of the incident on YouTube.

Innovative technology- the new way to combat copper cable theft

Increasingly, a new wave of technology is being used by organizations such as Network Rail to halt cable theft. Electronic cameras and devices are being used to film the culprits but often the criminals have their faces hidden or work at night which makes identification difficult. That is why SelectaDNA Grease and SelectaDNA Trace are being used to mark copper cable across a wide range of industries. The DNA links the criminals to the crime scene and provides valuable evidence in a court of law, thus making convictions easier. At last, cable thieves can run but they cannot hide. 


SelectaDNA Trace: The International Solution to combat Copper Theft

Electricity companies, telecoms companies and railways can protect all their copper quickly and easily with SelectaDNA Trace which comes in a number of formats including aerosols. Vivid orange warning signs telling criminals to stay away because everything is DNA marked, lets criminals know that they are taking a big risk touching the copper.

SelectaDNA Grease comes in 50ml, 100ml, 200ml and 500ml sized pots. Aerosols are available for larger customers who are suffering significant levels of copper theft and copper wire theft.


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SelectaDNA Trace Aerosol (150ml)

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SelectaDNA Trace Scanner

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