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Lead theft: Worth its weight in gold

The price of lead has quadrupled in the last four years - no wonder lead theft is on the increase

The price of lead is currently standing at $3,000 a tonne having hit record highs of $4,000 a tonne in September this year. Just four years ago it was $600 per tonne. No wonder a day doesn't go by without news of a church or school suffering lead theft.

Lead thieves: The new great train robbers

Lead theft has become so lucrative and the insurance payouts so large to the victims, that Insurance Companies are wakening up to the fact that something has to be done. According to the Church Times website, EIG paid out nearly £5.8 million in claims last year.

Lead theft - could it get worse if prices hit $9,000 a tonne?

Demand for lead is at an all time high. Some analysts are blaming the Chinese and battery makers. In some quarters, technical analysts are talking of prices spiking at $9,000 in the not too distant future. If that happens, lead theft will become a real epidemic, if it isn't already one now.

But why the sudden demand in lead?

Demand for lead from China is expected to rise by 12% this year according to the International Lead and Zinc Study Group. It's all about domestic demand rising for lead which is used in vehicle batteries, trucks, computers and in glass.

SelectaDNA Grease stops lead theft

SelectaDNA Grease allows home owners, schools and churches to permanently protect and mark lead windows, lead piping and lead roofing with a DNA impregnated Outdoor Grease that links Criminals to their crime scene. The DNA contained within every pot of SelectaDNA can be forensically analysed and the results used in a Court of Law for prosecution.Thieves hate it and stay away when they know anthing to do with DNA is used as a deterent.

In use since 2005, the range of SelectaDNA forensic products is achieving reductions in burglaries and theft of up to 85%. UK Police Forces use it as a formidable theft deterent. Property marked and protected with DNA becomes too hot to handle and suddenly the second hand value of anything marked with it drops - well, like a lead baloon.

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