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SelectaDNA Gel

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Makes property tamper-proof and identifies criminals

SelectaDNA Gel can protect indoor materials and works in a similar way to SelectaDNA Grease. SelectaDNA Gel is used to uniquely identify criminals tampering with or stealing property, or illegally gaining access to premises.

How it works

Once the thief comes into contact with the clear Gel, it transfers onto their hands and clothing. The criminal is then irrefutably linked to the crime scene through the unique DNA code in the solution.

Suitable applications

SelectaDNA Gel is ideal for use on door handles, window sills, tills, safes and other indoor access points and equipment. It is also used by Police in covert operations, to mark items such as Sat Navs in vehicles.

It can also be used by companies who suspect employees or others of theft, where it has been difficult to prove any suspicions or allegations.

Identifying the offender

Anyone who has handled an item marked with DNA Gel will have traces of the marking on their skin and clothing which will link them back to the crime scene.

Police all over the UK and the continent have successfully convicted persistent offenders following the use of Gel in motor vehicles, cargo vessels, warehouses and retail premises.

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