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Domestic Kits

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Mark your valuables & personal possessions.

Protect your home from burglary

SelectaDNA is being used by householders throughout the UK to prevent and deter residential burglary.
Most burglars are opportunists looking for a house they can break into quickly, take something of value, and leave without being detected. There's no fail-safe way to keep out a burglar, but the deterrent factor of SelectaDNA has helped reduce crime in many residential areas.
Our products have Secured by Design status and many UK insurance companies actively recommend SelectaDNA to their policyholders, with some making it a condition of insurance cover.

Identify items to be protected

Domestic kits are designed to mark and protect approximately 50 items including: TVs, plasma screens, desktop PCs, laptops, digital cameras, games consoles, MP3 Players, paintings, antiques, jewellery, DIY tools, lawnmowers and garden furniture.
Kits are also available to mark horse tack, marine equipment, bikes & scooters, golf clubs, and motor vehicle equipment including SatNavs.

Mark and record each item

Your household valuables can be marked with a colourless solution that is invisible to the naked eye, doesn't wash off and glows under UV light, making it easy for police to identify stolen property and detect thieves.
The solution, which contains a unique DNA code, does not damage the marked items in any way and can be applied in a matter of seconds. Details of the code are then registered on a secure national database.
If valuable items are stolen from your home and then recovered by Police, they can be easily traced back to you via the unique DNA code.

Display warning signs and stickers

SelectaDNA has been proven to reduce thefts by up to 85% in some areas, especially where people are made aware of its use through warning labels and window stickers.
The use of window stickers to highlight that valuables within your home have been marked with SelectaDNA is particularly important. Police have confirmed that burglars have moved on to another property or neighbourhood when they see our bright orange deterrent warning stickers in a prominent place.

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