SelectaDNA Trailer Kit

A DNA Forensic Property Marking kit to mark your trailer and protect it from being stolen. The police approved security marking kit contains a unique formula of DNA, UV tracer and microdots.

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Trailer theft in the UK is huge and largely ignored. Trailers are not registered with the DVLA, very poorly marked and hard to secure. Often left out in the open with minimal security, they are an easy target for thieves. Thieves are known to take trailers off the back of vehicles when they are parked and unattended, often from service areas, fuel stations and sporting events. Once taken, they disappear, often with the contents they are being used to carry, and are resold to unsuspecting buyers through local papers and internet sites.

Surprisingly, most trailers have Vehicle Identity Numbers (VIN’s) but few are ever recorded. Police file the theft of a trailer as property, next to phones and bicycles. To many a trailer is just a trailer, but there are so many specialised and unique trailers on the market - these specialised trailers are very valuable to their owners and are hard to replace.

SelectaDNA acts as a deterrent to criminals, it also gives the police a chance of identifying the stolen trailer if the criminal is stopped or the trailer is found.

By security marking your trailer with SelectaDNA you reduce the chance of theft. Each kit contains lifetime membership to the Secure Asset Register. You can add photographs, the VIN number, the model number and a detailed description to the police approved database (SAR) which will help the police return your stolen trailer to you if it is found.

Product Information

Marks 1 trailer with a unique DNA formula that is inconspicuous and almost impossible to remove.

Register your trailer on our Police and Insurance approved Secure Asset Register so that if the worst happens and your property is stolen, Police from around the world can reunite you with it quickly and easily.

Each of our SelectaDNA kits come with a membership card which allows you to ensure that your unique ID kit number is always to hand.

The SelectaDNA Trailer Kit includes:

  • 1 x membership card
  • 1 x 8ml bottle of unique SelectaDNA (with microdots)
  • 1 x blue stick applicator
  • 2 x unique TESA labels
  • 1 x exterior warning sticker
  • 1 x UV keyring light
  • 1 x instruction leaflet
  • Lifetime registration on the Secure Asset Register

Application Instructions

Step 1 - Mark your trailer with SelectaDNA
Step 2 - Apply Tesa labels to clean, dry areas
Step 3 - Attach exterior warning sticker to trailer
Step 4 - Register your trailer kit online at

Watch our video on how to mark a trailer with SelectaDNA and prevent it from theft.

For more information visit our SelectaDNA Asset Protection page

How to mark a trailer with SelectaDNA

This video shows how to use SelectaDNA - a unique formula of DNA, UV tracer and microdots - to forensically mark a trailer to protect it from theft.

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