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Crime Prevention

It is not enough for the police alone to fight crime. Reducing the risk and fear of crime is a task for the police and the community working together. Crime Prevention works if we all work together.

To achieve our aim of making the UK a safe place to live and work we need you, the general public, to do their part in making life difficult for criminals.

There are many facets to Crime Prevention, but here at Selectamark we specialise in identifying your property (property marking), to make it less valuable or even worthless to a thief. If a criminal is found by the Police in possession of a marked item, conviction of the criminal and return of the item to its rightful owner, is simple.

We believe that in terms of Crime Prevention (for thefts and burglaries) there are two forms of property marking which are by far the best options:

These are the two products we specialise in, and thier use will help dramatically reduce thefts from the work place, burglaries, motor vehicle and motorcycle theft, and vehicle break-ins.

Property marking is a vital part of Crime Prevention, and we hope that our Police Approved Products will help you fight crime together with your local Police Force.