Dudley Police Shine Spotlight On DNA Technology

16 Jan 2011

FORENSIC marking product SelectaDNA will now be used in businesses and homes across the town of Dudley in the West Midlands to prevent victims of burglary being repeatedly targeted.

Fens Residents Told 'Lock Up & Mark'

15 Jan 2011

HOUSEHOLDERS in The Fens district of eastern England are being reminded to lock their homes more securely and mark personal possessions with SelectaDNA, as part of a police campaign targeting a sudden increase in burglaries.

Theft From Student Homes Drops 70%

5 Jan 2011

THEFT from student accommodation in a suburb of Birmingham has dropped dramatically following the use of forensic property marking product SelectaDNA as part of a series of crime prevention measures.

New Year's Resolution For Letchworth Businesses

4 Jan 2011

BUSINESSES in Hertfordshire are starting the New Year with better security in place for valuable office equipment following the introduction of a property marking initiative in Letchworth Garden City.