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Bonfire Night: Tagging Spray Tactic To Tackle Anti-Social Behaviour

Bonfire Night: Tagging Spray Tactic To Tackle Anti-Social Behaviour

There will be a zero tolerance approach to anti-social behaviour from Edinburgh Police who are set to use a variety of tactics including DNA tagging spray to tackle any trouble in the city on Bonfire Night.

Officers in protective gear including helmets and fire retardant uniforms will be on standby in case trouble flares. More officers will be deployed on beats across the city from 2-6 November.

But although he vowed to get tough with anyone set to cause trouble, Chief Superintendent Gareth Blair said officers will seek to “engage not antagonise.” He added: “This is not a confrontational policing operation - the majority of the resources that are involved are community officers based in Edinburgh."

Mr Blair has off-road bikes at his disposal while a handful of officers will be deployed with DNA tagging spray - which has already been used to succesfully reduce motorcycle crime in Edinburgh by 60%. Only visible under UV lights, the harmless spray stays on skin and clothing, allowing officers to tag any offenders before identifying them later.

“There will be zero tolerance to criminality, if we don’t deal with it on the night we will deal with it robustly afterwards,” said Mr Blair. “The public have a pride in Edinburgh and they won’t accept anti-social behaviour." 

He added: "“We have to do everything we can to prevent what happened last year and if it starts we need to be in a position to robustly deal with it.”

"Collectively we’ll be ready for anything that happens," he warned.


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