SelectaDNA Trace kit for Churches

A SelectaDNA Trace kit to mark and protect churches and cathedrals from theft and damage.

Brand: SelectaDNA


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£ 147.25 (exc. VAT) £ 176.70 (inc. VAT)

Churches and cathedrals often have large quantities of valuable materials such as copper and lead used in their construction. If stolen or vandalised these are costly to replace or repair, and not to mention the potential damage that can, as a result of theft, be caused by water ingression and subsequent internal damage.  SelectaDNA Trace is an ideal theft solution for churches as it permanently protects and marks lead windows, lead piping and lead roofing with a forensic spray that links Criminals to their crime scene.

The main benefit of SelectaDNA Trace over standard forensic property marking products is that it allows Police to identify stolen property on the spot, which means they are no longer reliant on lengthy analysis times. This has subsequently led to arrests and convictions, with thieves admitting their crime because the on the spot evidence is so strong.

SelectaDNA Trace is tested to the highest standards, having attained PAS820 Grade A External classification, meaning it will last for at least 5 years when used outdoors.

  • 1 x SelectaDNA Trace canister 150cc

  • 1 x SelectaDNA Valuable Metals Warning Sign 30x30cm

  • 1 x SelectaDNA Warning Plaque 10x10cm

  • 1 x SelectaDNA A5 Warning Sticker

How to use SelectaDNA Trace to mark cable and metals

SelectaDNA Trace is used for the protection and identification of valuable metals, stone and outdoor equipment. SelectaDNA Trace’s unique security and identification features, make it ideal for wide-scale use across many market sectors such as metal theft from utility companies and railway infrastructure, lead theft from church roofs and equipment theft from building sites, plant hire companies and farms.

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