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Crime Prevention & Forensic Coding

Forensic Coding curiously falls under the heading "Chemical Trace" in the ACPO Statement on Property Marking and Identification. We say "curiously" because we have yet to hear any Police Force use the term. They either use "Forensic Coding" or "Forensic Property Marking".

Unbeatable combination of Forensic Coding and Micro-marking

SelectaDNA is a type of Forensic Coding with the added benefit of micro-marking. It uses chemical compounds (a unique synthetic DNA strand, UV tracer, microscopic dots and water based adhesive) to form the most secure product with which to mark items and protect them from theft.

 Benefits of SelectaDNA

  • proven to deter, reduce and possibly eliminate theft and burglary
  • warning labels and notices inform thieves that property is “DNA protected”
  • increases the criminal’s risk of arrest and helps prevent future burglaries
  • quick and easy to apply to all valuable items from laptops to tools, and antiques to vehicles
  • helps stop insurance costs rising or as a minimum allows you to obtain insurance
  • helps to ensure sensitive information held on PCs and laptops doesn’t get into the wrong hands

Features of SelectaDNA

What makes selectaDNA so effective?

  • gives all types of property its own unique DNA
  • all data is held on a secure “Loss Prevention Certification Board” approved database with NO annual licence fee, which also holds a "Secured By Design" Licence.
  • molecular lock prevents unauthorised access or copying
  • the only TOTALLY SECURE forensic chemical marking system
  • holds a 'Secured By Design' licence, making it a Police Preferred Product.
  • identification can be achieved from only tiny pin-head sized traces
  • remains hidden in minute crevices within the surface
  • completely endorsed as “proven beyond reasonable doubt” evidence in a Court of Law

Technical Details of SelectaDNA

  • SelectaDNA is built up of four distinct chemicals - in shorthand A,T,C and G
  • they have two key sequences whose identity must be known before the unique code sequence can be accessed
  • It is the sequence of the four chemicals within the DNA molecule which creates the unique and specific DNA string
  • State of the art DNA identification technology allows amplification and sequence identification of DNA molecules in a single assay
  • Amplification procedure allows very low tracer concentrations to be identified with absolute accuracy
  • Tiny concentrations - less than parts per billion - ensures no harm to protected items
  • SelectaDNA is environmentally safe and nontoxic - ask for safety data sheet
  • SelectaDNA is totally secure and not based on earth chemicals which are identifiable by any forensic chemist

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SelectaDNA Small Commercial Kit

SelectaDNA Small Commercial Kit

A DNA Forensic Property Marking kit designed for small businesses, SMEs, smaller schools, university departments and local councils. Marks and protects at least 100 items of property.

SelectaDNA Medium Commercial Kit

SelectaDNA Medium Commercial Kit

A DNA Forensic Property Marking kit designed for Medium sized Businesses, larger SMEs as well as medium sized Schools, University Departments and Local Councils. Marks and protects up to 500 items of property.

SelectaDNA Large Commercial Kit

SelectaDNA Large Commercial Kit

A DNA Forensic Property Marking kit designed for large businesses, larger schools, universities and local councils. Marks and protects up to 1000 items of property.