Chelsea Clips

 Chelsea Clip stops handbag theft

Bars, Cafes and Restaurants

The Chelsea Clip was invented in 1991. Since then it has been providing a preventative solution to the problem of thefts of handbags and personal luggage. The Chelsea Clip can be used in bars, pubs, cafes and restaurants as well as anywhere that personal property may be vulnerable to theft.

Specially designed

The Chelsea Clip is a specially designed, injection moulded Nylon hook from which a bag, or other small item of personal luggage, can be suspended by its own strap. The item is easily placed onto the Chelsea Clip but two hands are required for its removal, making 'handbag snatching' virtually impossible.

Industrial strength

Chelsea Clips are permanantly installed by means of the industrial strength double-sided adhesive pads supplied and/or by screws (also supplied), using the two integral countersunk holes. Chelsea Clips are usually positioned under tables or on vertical surfaces such as the side of the bar, walls or pillars or the backs of chairs. They can even be installed on the inside of the door or partitions of lavatories.

One clip for each seating position

The Chelsea Clip provides a convenient place within the owner's personal space on which to hang their bag or any other small item. One Chelsea Clip shoud be used for each seating position as well as at the bar and anywhere that people may remain and put their property down.

As well as eating and drinking establishments, the Chelsea Clip can be used in all types of transportation, including buses and coaches, ferries and aircraft. Other likely venues are telephone booths and changing cubicles in shops and sports facilities.

Advertise you have Chelsea Clips with posters

Suitable posters and other display material should always be used in conjunction with Chelsea Clips as a deterrent to thieves and as a reminder to both customers and staff.

We supply Chelsea Clip window stickers for glass doors and front windows at £2.00+VAT each, and framed certificates at £4.45+VAT each - both to advertise its use. Chelsea Clip hangers (showing customers where to place their bags) are also available at £0.50+VAT each.

Chelsea Clips are only currently available in black.

For orders of 500+ Chelsea Clips, please contact us for pricing.

Chelsea Clip stops hangbag theft

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