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Local Presence

Selectamark Security Systems plc has been at the forefront of providing world class property marking solutions since 1985. Since then, Selectamark has helped homeowners, businesses and schools protect their property, marking over 25 million valuable items in the process. The company is based in Kent in the UK and serves its customers both directly and through a growing network of UK resellers.

Global Reach - Worldwide distribution in over 20 countries

Our systems are patented and distributed world-wide. On this site you will find details of SELECTADNA, the newly launched DNA Forensic Property Marking solution, which is starting to achieve incredible results in crime reduction and prevention. Other of our more familiar products including the Selectamark permanent marking system and asset labels are being added to this site daily, so please check back on a regular basis.

Our business has grown over the years because we pride ourselves on top quality products, the best customer service and exceptional value. In fact, repeat business is growing as more and more satisfied customers return to us year after year.

Every year theft and burglaries costs UK industry millions of pounds. Permanent security marking is a simple, low cost and highly effective theft deterrent. Permanently marked property is of little interest to thieves as it is virtually impossible to sell. In addition, if stolen, the property is easily identifiable giving a very good chance of recovery. Selectamark is ideal for use on most office equipment as well as motor vehicles, motorcycles, caravans, bikes and marine craft.

Recommended by Insurance companies

Many Insurance companies actively recommend the Selectamark system to their policyholders. Some Insurance companies even make it a condition of insurance cover and security marking also forms a part of many police and crime prevention initiatives.

If you require a more sophisticated system, we offer a tamper-resist label combined with our original marking system. Other asset ID options include, plain tamper-resist labels and PVC labels – both available with barcodes as an optional extra.

NEW DNA Forensic Property Marking

In October 2004, Selectamark soft-launched SelectaDNA to a discrete group of contacts and customers - the first true DNA security system in the Property Marking field. The product can mark any item of value to uniquely identify it by using synthetic DNA which cannot be analysed or copied by unauthorised parties.

As well as security options for property marking and Asset ID, Selectamark also offers various other Security Products including our highly successful hand-bag clips “The Chelsea Clip” (used in hundreds of bars, restaurants and hotel lobbies all over the UK).

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